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to R S

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I really sympathize with you.  I try to put the subject matter on the
Subject line so you can just speed through and skip over things of no

The Bothy is indeed connected with our Sinclair ancestry and available I
believe for people to probably rent (someone correct this if it isn't right)
when they travel to the Wick area.  Owned by a Sinclair.  More info on it on
our web page.  I believe it will or is already a repository of Sinclair
history and genealogy so someday you might find yourself in this very bothy
researching your ancestry.

But I do  think your ancestors sound very interesting.  Can you tell us
about  these actors?  What movies were they in?  Does it run in the
family...have you been on the stage?  I have friends named McKiernan.  Could
Elizabeth's name have been shortened?

>Could we get off the dictionary stuff?  I think, we all know what a
>bothy is by now.
>Is this ever used for geneology?
>Anyone have any info re a John Francis Sinclair, B: Brooklyn, Kings Co.,
>NY 9/10/1890? D:10/6/1963, M: 1913 to Mary Elizabeth Kiernan, B:
>10/25/1895, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, D: 8/12/1952, NY?
>Or a Richard Clinton Sinclair (my great-grandfather) who was actor and
>on Camel cigarette bill boards or John Sinclair, who was in 4 moveis
>with W.C. Fields?  Both from Brooklyn/NYC area?
>Thank you.
>Sicerely, Richard F. Sinclair

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