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Re: more questions and info on the Clan

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You really have a little too much time on your hands. (LOL)

I am really not sure but you might try to obtain a photo of the banner of
the Clan Chief which was carried at Loon and at Westford.  FYI: the
"Rooster" is a Cock Sergeant as is portrayed on the Clan badge.  The other
items you listed I seem to recall were on the Banner of the Clan Chief. If
you have photos from Loon or Westford check them out.

Maybe Mary or others have photos which could be lent to the Clan Sinclair

All for now

Gary M. Sinclair

Also, check out Ancient and weathered tartan as the colors are slightly
different.  Your sash sounds like it is Modern Dress Sinclair.  I have a
neck ties in Modern Dress, Ancient Dress, and Ancient Hunting.  All are
distinctly different as is the Modern Hunting.

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