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Re: bothy, Solved

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John - you are fast!

I love lighthouses and I'm terribly impressed that we have cousin Ian who
*lives* in the bothy of a Scottish lighthouse.  

Laurel - I've never lived in Portland, OR, but there's another Diane Hetrick
in Seattle - might have been her.

Genealogy - I cannot pry my St.Clair family loose from Ohio.  Margaret was
married to ? St.Clair but he died before their children were married and
before the census in 1850.  I figure he died around 1840 but I'm not even sure
he died in Ohio.  The family was from Kentucky, but where, I don't know. 
Margaret's children were George, Rebecca, Nancy (my gggrandmother).  Just the
surname St. Clair > Sinclair and the state of Kentucky in the time frame of
1790 - 1840 is a little too vague to provide any leads.  Anyone with St.
Clairs in Ohio or Kentucky?

P.S.  confession - I found an awesome new search engine http://www.37.com - it
brought up Ian's lighthouse on the first hit.


John S. Quarterman wrote:\
> -------
>> Laurel wrote:
> >Dear Diane,
> >    What a great picture and website.  Thanks for sharing it!  By the way
> >did you ever live in Portland, OR?
> >John, Would that link be a good additon to our website?
> Diane's lighthouse link,
>  http://freeweb.digiweb.com/education/radiance/light9708.htm
> is already added, as well as Ian's additional text, to
>  http://www.mids.org/sinclair/ian.html
> Or look in
>  http://www.mids.org/sinclair/
> for the glossary under New Items, and then follow the link under bothy.
> >  Is there a limit to the number of links?
> No limit.
> >  I wanted to have a website up and running by now, but
> >can't seem to get past a problem.
> The more, the merrier.
> >Laurel
> John
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