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Re: Does anyone have a really good dictionary?

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I started doing web searches on this one, because I remember a time when I
couldn't go a half hour without running into a copy of Desiderata "Go placidly
amid the noise and haste..." someone even carved it in wood and gave it to my church.

Anyway, I found that the "Old St. Paul's Church, Baltimore dated maybe 1690" 
which is widely reported to be the source, is bogus!  Desiderata is a poem,
written in 1927 by Max Ehrmann.  The Desiderata of Happiness  ISBN
0-517-59069-7. The copyright is owned by Crown Publishers, Inc. New York. 

I'm on at least 3 mailing lists for Baltimore and Maryland.  I'm going to see
if anyone knows if anything is in Old St. Paul's Church.  email me if you want
to know.

Diane Hettrick

Spirit One Email wrote:

> Desiderata=name of a creed found in Old St. Paul's Church, Baltimore dated
> maybe 1690.  Have to check the date out but that doesn't matter.  I have
> been looking for this word for over a year and ..there it was in the Madman book
> described above, but still couldn't tell what it meant.

> Laurel
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