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Re: Does anyone have a really good dictionary?

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>    It has occurred to me that maybe one of you has a really good dictionary
>to recommend or what is the situation on a dictionary CD?.  Here is my list
>of test words:

Since there are often Sinclair-specific uses of such terms, I have started
a Clan Sinclair glossary, using the definitions sent to the list recently.
and look in New Items under G for glossary.  All these words are now in it.

>bothy=I found this on our website, ie: Noss Head Light house has a
>self-catering bothy
>Desiderata=name of a creed found in Old St. Paul's Church, Baltimore dated
>        1690.  Have to check the date out but that doesn't matter.  I have
>been looking for
>        this word for over a year and ..there it was in the Madman book
>described above,
>        but still couldn't tell what it meant.

Actually, the poem was written in 1927 by Max Ehrmann, who copyrighted it.
See the glossary.

>scryer=one dictionary had a definition but it was only about 5 words long.
>dapifer=as in Eudo Sinclair was a dapifer, from the Morrison book pg 24

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