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Re: Does anyone have a really good dictionary?

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"Bothy" - Gael. bothag, a cot, from the same root as booth.   In Scotland, a house for the accommodation of workpeople engaged in the same employment; a farm building in which the unmarried male or female servants or laborers are lodged.
(From the New Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language.)

I couldn't find the others.  An Oxford would probably have it.  I know that the
Oxford Dictionary was revised recently for computers, because the nearby
Waterloo University was involved in producing it.  I believe it was supposed to be the most concise, with zillions of words.  Perhaps your larger libraries would have it.

I will have to try to check out the Michigan website, since I have recently found out that one grandson of my Neil moved to Mighigan after he married in
Ontario in 1861. His name, of course, was "JOHN"!  I have to find and unpack
my book boxes for my American atlas.  He settled in Sanilac, wherever that is.

Time to go.  There is an auction today.  Anyone else interested in antiques?


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