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Fort Washington

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According to Allan Eckert , Fort Washington was started in June , 1789 . He
states the location as "a little east of Broadway where 3rd St. now crosses
it ."
Losantiville was already in existance . Again , from Eckert : Losantiville
"was begun with 4 cabins , the first of which was built on what is now Front
St. east of and close to Main St." The initial survey "extended from present
Broadway to Central Ave and from the Ohio River as far north as Seventh
Corner." This information is from "A Sorrow in Our Hearts".
 Washington was livid when he heard of St.Clair's defeat , and "gave full
vent to his anger , empurpling the air with oaths" The "white-haired veteran
of Trenton and Brandywine was a murderer whose callousness was matched only
by his stupidity" ("Patriarch" by Richard Norton Smith) Smith says
Washington quickly suppressed his emotions and promised St.Clair full
justice.             Kevin

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