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I scan every posting. It's helpful if the area of interest is in the "Subject"
line. For example, since I have no info for or interest in the Australian
Sinclair line, if "Australia" is in the Subject line, I skip over it.

It would be difficult to categorize listings since so many of them are
interwoven. However, if the message is specific to one area, it can be made
available upfront for those interested. Also, I find messages with descendants
names only in all caps easier to scan quickly. It might do to repeat that
entire messages written in all caps are impossible to read.

For those feeling besieged, if you see dates, names, and places that catch
your eye, print the message out. I have started a folder for the St.
Clair/Sinclair lineage and, when I have time, I compare e-mails with other
research and consolidate the info on disk. Just another suggestion. 

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