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Found Records

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While going through some old family papers, I came across an interesting
research document. It was compiled by The Media Research Bureau in Washington
D.C. and dated Sept 12, 1941. Some of it follows:

The name of Sinclair, formerly St.Clair, is derived from the residence of its
first bearers at St.Cler, in Normandy, and was originally recorded in the
Latin form of Sancto Claro. It is found in ancient English and early American
records in the forms given above, as well as in the forms of Sinkler,
Sayntclear, Saintealare, Seinteclere, Seyncler, St. Clere, St. Clare,
Sinclare, Sinclaire, Sinclear, Sinclar, Sincler, Sinckler Sincklair,
Sincklare, and several others.

Records indicate that the first to bear the name was Clare of Rochester, in
the County of Kent, who suffered martyrdom in 884 A.D. and so became Saint
Clare. Prior to that time he made his hermitage on the banks of the River
Epte, in France, which place received the name St. Clair or St. Clere.

There were at least nine Sinclairs in the forces of William the Conqueror at
the time of the Norman Conquest in the eleventh century. One was Hubert
Sinclair, Earl of Rye, who was accompanied by his four sons, Radulph, Hubert,
Adam, and Eudo. The Earl of St.Clare, Walderne, brother of the Earl of Rye,
had with him his sons, Richard, Britel, and William, the last of whom is
sometimes referred to as "Sir William Sinclare" in English records.

Radulph, son of Hubert of Rye, was made castelian and Earl of Nottingham.
Young Hubert, son of Hubert, became Governor of Norwich. Adam, son of Hubert
of Rye, received lands in Kent, and the youngest of the brothers, Eudo,
remained with the Conqueror and was made mayor of the palace, a hereditary
position of great trust and honor.

Richard, son of Walderne, joined his cousin Hubert in Norwich and was the
owner of large landed estates in that vicinity. Britel, son of Walderne, was
given Devonshire and finally settled in Somersetshire and Cornwall. William,
youngest son of Walderne, went to Scotland and became steward to Queen
Margaret Atheling.

(So far this has been interesting reading and available in other forms, books
and records. What follows however, is VERY interesting. GDS)

The first of the name in America were Margaret Sinckler, of Charles City
County, VA, in 1638; Morrice Sinckler, of Charles City County, VA, in 1653;
Jean and John Sinckler or Sinclear, of Surry County, VA, in 1655; and Abraham
or Abrahm Sincler, of James City County, VA in 1656.

One of the first of the name in New England was John Sinkler/Sinclair, who
came from England to Exeter, NH. in 1658. He is said to be descended from the
Sinclairs of Essex, England. His children by his wife Mary were James, Mary,
Sarah, Maria, John, and Robert.

Robert Sinclair, son of John of Exeter moved to Wells, ME, in the late 17th
century. He had issue of his wife Elizabeth a son, John, who married Mary
Wakefield and was the father of two children, Adoniram and Mary. Most
Sinclairs of Maine are ancestors of Robert.

In 1677, Robert Sinclair, a descendent of the Earls of Orkney and Caithness,
came to New York. It is believed that he returned to Scotland.

William Sinclair came from County Down, Ireland, to America before 1729 and
settled at Leicester and Spencer, MA. By his wife Mary, he was the father of
Anna, Mary, Agnes, and Elizabeth.

A John Sinclear, died in Fauquier County, VA, between 1707 and 1711, leaving
issue of 10 children, William, John, James, Robert, Daniel, Charury, Jimime,
Sarah, Mary and Elizabeth.

In 1745, Arthur Sinclair, native of Scotland, settled in Surrey County,
Virginia and was the father by his wife, Susanna Phillips, of an only son,

Father of many of the Sinclairs was John Sinclair, who came to America as a
political exile in 1747. He settled near Leesbury, Virginia of his wife,
unknown, of Amos, John, Samuel, Geaorge, Sally, Jemima, and Jane.

Peter Sincleare or Sinclair, born in Germany in 1719, came to America in 1753,
landing at Philadelphia, PA. He later went to Holland, NJ. By his wife,
Elizabeth, he was the father of John, Peter, and Mary.  John married Anna
Ahlbach in 1799 and had one son Samuel.

This is only some of the information. I have no idea where it came from. I had
an uncle that was doing research on the family in the 1970's, but nothing this
far back. It is certain that the information is not perfect and further
studies have shown that some of this is inaccurate. It is interesting that
this was done in 1941. 
Gary D. Sinclair, Concord, CA
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