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Gen. St. Clair

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Hi All,
    A few days back I reported on the Battle at Ft. Ticonderoga that Gen.
Arthur St. Clair was about to be engaged in, in the book that I was reading.
He has now sent his 11 yr old son, Arthur Jr. out of danger because it is
really getting bad.  Won't tell you the story but didn't want you to keep
thinking that the boy stayed there.
    I like this paragraph:"Years later, when they were old men to whom
nothing much mattered but the memories they chose to keep, they would forget
the hunger and fatigue, the mud and disease, the cold and drenching rains,
the lack of decent clothing or shoes or a tent, the horrors of what passed
for a hospital, and remember instead the camaraderie in a remote camp on
Lake Champlain and the excitement of waiting for the enemy to show his

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