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>Oh, rubbish - you don;'t want to talk to you Scottish people at all it
>Jean Haddow


I just had to respond to your last couple of messages.  It seems that I
sometimes feel just the opposite of how you feel.  Of all of the genealogy
research I have done over the past 20 years, I have never gotten out of

I sometimes feel that this Sinclair list is way over my head with the talk
of Clans and Scotland, etc.  I can't even get past 1800 (with the St. Clair
Branch) and I'm still in the hills of Virginia.

I know for myself if I could know that my ancestor originated in a certain
locality and I linked with others outside of the U.S. I would be thrilled to
talk with them and share with them.  It's just never happened for me.
Actually in most of my *branches* I'm most like still in the hills of
Virginia, or Pennsylvania and possibly even up to New York or New Jersey but
still in the U.S. and takes me back on many/most lines back to the 1700s.

I know I've been frustrated at times with the Sinclair list became it seems
NO ONE is from Virginia or West Virginia, or maybe just a couple.  It seems
to me that everyone's already gotten across the Atlantic and knows just
where they belong but me.

I'm too afraid of missing something to unsubscribe.  I guess many of us
subscribe for different reasons.

Jean, I hope you won't give up on us and I hope I interpreted your message
correctly.  It's wonderful to share heritage.  I know my heritage lies in
Scotland with the Sinclairs, just not quite sure where/when/who.  So maybe
you could share with us about where you're from and we could do likewise.

Sorry for being lengthy.

Amber St. Clair Dalakas

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