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Author:   Wm  Frost St Clair [mailto:wfs@sullybuttes.net]
Location: Tulare, SD USA
Date:     Tuesday, February 16, 1999

Wonderful site!!  My gggggrandfather was Robert Sinkler md, Susanna Thorne
8/20/1770 Topsham Me. children:  James (Jacob?) 1/29/1770,  Lucy 3/7/1772,
William  4/27/1774,  Robert  3/27/1776,
James is my ggggrandfather,  md. Priscilla ?, children;  Jacob 9/20/1793,
Wm. 7/11/1796,  Susanna 6/21/1799,  Joseph 3/18/1802,  Alanson Western or
Weston  2/13/1803,  Sarah 6/25/1806,  Mary  6/7/1809,  Sophia 9/10/1812
Greene, Androscoggin Co. Me.  Joseph is my gggrandfather, Back to Topsham
Me. He md. Dorcas Page at Litchfield.  Children bn. at Topsham  James
2/19/1827, (?)laner B., 2/21/1830.  Isaac Page, 2/1/1832,  Deborah
8/10/1834,  Susan Jane 10/26/1836,  Mary Elisabeth 2/24/1838,  Jacob Lyman
9/24/1840,  Manson Western 1/24/1842,  WM. Nelson 6/8/1846 (Buried at
Topsham 1 yr. old) Wm. Nelson  1847 (Buried beside His brother of the same
name one year later).  Isaac Page is my ggrandfather md. Ruth Ann Frost Md.
at Concord NH. back to Westbrook Me. Children Wm. Frost bn. 5/28/1868,  Anna
8/11/1858.  Isaac was civil war vet. was at Battle of Gettysburg,  Buried at
Arlington Va.  We have never found a single relative of these ancestors b4
Isaac Page, It can`t be a dead end!!

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