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Re: Sinclair Guest Book Entries: Need advice

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Dear Paul,  I think this is a great idea you have and thank you for getting it
set up!!  I am sure we all appreciate your time and efforts.
I am looking for my father's family that may still be living; his name Charles
Ray Sinclair, born in Clinton, S.C. I think, died in 1981 in Washington, D.C.
There was a family reunion that I received a notice of in October 1983 for the
descendants of Ervin & Sarah Sinclair, and Charlie & Marhta (or could be
Martha) Sinclair.  My father had a brother named Miles and a sister named
Grace who passed away from cancer.  My brother, Charles Ray II and I would
like to know if we have any relatives still alive.  Our mother passed away
I am hoping someone sees this and can help even a little.  We don't even know
where to begin.  Thank you so much.

Linda Kay Sinclair-Wooley
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