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Sinclair Guest Book Entries: Need advice

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Hello everyone!

I maintain a web site on Sinclair genealogy and on it there is a Guest Book
that is quite active. It generally receives anywhere from 7-10 entries per
week. They are typically 1-2 paragraphs and contain either requests for help
in locating Sinclair/Sinkler/St. Clair genealogical information or simply
information about a family tree. The entries are normally quite specific and
substantive in nature (although they are sometimes of the "Hello all you
Sinclairs out there" variety).

I have corresponded in the past with John Quarterman, maintainer of this
list, about having these entries automatically emailed to this mailing list
in case any of the entries would be of any interest or assistance here. John
has indicated that this would be acceptable to him. I am thinking of setting
that up now but thought I would give the list members notice of this. If
folks on the list think this would not be appropriate or just would prefer
not to receive these, I would not want to do it. The entries that would be
generated to the list would come in using an email address something like
"Guestbook Entry" so as to be easily recognizable for those not interested.
Persons who make a post to the Guest Book would be given the opportunity to
"opt out" of sending their entry to the mailing list in case they prefer
that it not be sent to the roughly 220 members on the list.

If there is a generally negative reaction to this idea, I will not bother
setting it up. If there is no strong feeling against it, I will go ahead and
set it up in the next few days.

Thanks for any input - negative or otherwise!

Paul Sinclair
Richmond, VA

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