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Re: Kristin of Norway?

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Dear Kirsten,

My name is Donald Sinclair, I was born in Scotland, moved to Canada at 18
years and then to San Francisco at 28 years.  Spent my life in Shipping.
First twelve years as a Deck Officer  and the rest until retirement fpur years
ago with various steamship firms.  One was Knutsen Line of  Haugasund, and
another was Hoegh Lines of Oslo.  My wife Mary, born in Ireland, and myself
made a visit to Norway two years ago.  We were met by, and stayed with our
friends Reidun & Einer Hveem, of Tonsberg. We flew from Sandefjord to Bergen
and caught the coastal steamer all the way to Kirkenes and return as far as
Trondheim and then flew back to Sandefjord and a drive to Tonsberg.  While on
the coastal steamer we went ashore in many places. One of them was the little
town where the statue of Rollo is erected.  We walked up a great many stairs
for a view of the harbor. There were several local ladies all dressed up in
the local costume, and we had photos taken with them.  At the bottom was the
park with the statues.  After our return to Tonsberg, we drove through
Lillehammer to Kvam where six hundred Sinclairs were slaughtered as they tried
to get across Norway to join the Swedish forces to fight against Norway.  Not
a very wise move it seems.  There is a monument to the brave farmers of the
Gulbrandsdal Valley for their bravery in stopping the soldiers.  There is a
gravestone to a Col. Sinclair who was in charge also.  Hope we get a chance to
visit Norway again.....the natives are much more friendly to the Sinclairs
now.    All the best,  Donald Sinclair
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