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Rollo and Sinclair Posting Site?

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I've sent a message to the Fargo, ND chamber of Commerce on Rollo's statue
and then poked around Rouen, France but defeated by the language.

Also .... I have lost track of the message from one of you  who that said
they had set up 3 Sinclair sites on FTM or whatever where Sinclair
information could be posted.  Can that be posted here again for us?
Hope some of you caught the US Ballroom Championship Dancing from Columbus
on PBS recently.  That is our other hobby.  We were not there but know 2
people from our studio that participated with their instructor and took 1st
place in their age and dance- level catagory.  Don just got his new spiffy
dance tux.  Looks very handsome.

Another trivia item.  There was yet another historic event of interest in
Nova Scotia.  In Sept. 1936, Beryl Markham from Kenya, was the first person
to fly solo, non stop, from East to West across the Atlantic.  SHE crash
landed a few yards inland at the tip of NS, not far from Louisburg.  There
is now a series on PBS's MYSTERY in which there is a woman thought to have
been created around this Beryl Markham.  When we were there we went out to
see the site But it wasn't even marked.  I'm going to work on this as I did
get the address of the Air Museum for NS.

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