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Dear Spirit One,
Where is Rollo in Fargo?  I believe at Falaise France, in front of William the Conqueror`s Chateau, there is a statue of William atop a rar`in horse which is in turn atop a six figure group of the Dukes of Normandy, and I think Rollo is one of them, ( the memory goes with time).
I once read Rolf Ganger, or Rollo was translated to mean "Walking Giant" and that  " he was a man that no horse could carry".  Any truth detectives out there that can clean up my info??
An intriguing bit of ND. History is the arrivial in 1880 of John Sutherland Sinclair, the 17th Earl of Caithness to Lakota ND. from Thurso, Scotland.
 Wm. St. Clair