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Kristin of Norway?

Dear Kristin,
    Are you our Kristin Hussein from Norway who was investigating information fabout Møre and Romsdal?  Hoping to find out whether that statue of Rollo, who was the ancestor of all our St.Clair/Sinclair ancestors, is still there in Ålesund????
Are people hearing about our environmental disaster?  That's all we hear constantly from all 4 TV stations.  It's like a side show and they use these melodramatic stage voices to hipe everything up and make us tense.  They like to hear their own voices, announce their names over and over and impose their idea of that everyone should be watching their station because it has more helicopters or gets the news to us 8 minutes earlier that the next station.  You really get the idea that the news is about their particular broadcasters or station rather than about the particular events. 
It isn't like a tornedo or flood about to hit all of us so that we can prepare for and that we need constant information about.  There is nothing we can do about the oil and really need to stay away from the area for the experts to do their thing.
Portland, OR