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Re: Zeno Map

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Rebecca & Ken

The Zeno map was a map believed to have been used by Prince Henry Sinclair
in 1398 on his voyage from the Orkney Islands to North America.

The posting by Kristen gave a site to view the map.  At the Clan Sinclair
site, you can find references to this voyage, the map, the Zeno narrative
and more which will kind of explain.

My fifth grade son was assigned a project to complete a report on a European
explorer.  He chose Prince Henry in order to enlighten his teacher regarding
the Sinclair contribution nearly 100 years before Columbus.
Rebecca, not knowing is no crime.  We all learned this from others too.  I
am sure there are others on this list that know a great deal more than I do
on this but since I started the confusion, I thought I would help clear it

If you need more e mail me off list.

Yours Aye,

Gary M. Sinclair

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