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Marguerite St. Clair

D Magness,
Have to be very broad minded when looking for spellings in old records.
So am looking at the LDS US census rolls for Mne. & Nh. and have the following that may be of use in some way.  #1  5/9/1848 Margaret Oliver married James Sinclair @ Aroostook,  Houlton Me. #2  5/4/1870 Margaret F. Sinclair  Married Jonas C. Spooner @ Aroostook Cnty. Houlton Me.  #3  6/15/1882 Thomas Jefferson Sinclair married Margaret  Cummings @ Washington Cnty. Columbia Falls  Me.  #4  1712 Margaret  bn. to John & Elizabeth Sinkler,  Rockingham Cnty. Exeter Nh. #5  3/11/1868  Margaret St. Clair (Johndro)  md. Peter St. Peter age 28  Holland Vt. her home.  These are all the"Margarets" I have listed. 
My ggrandfather Wm. F. & his sister Anna went to Chicago with F. & M. about 1878, their about 14 yrs. then to Spring Valley Mn. Then to Nashua Ia. where my f. Wm. Weston  was born. 
Just throwing things at the wall to see if anything "sticks" 
Wm. F. St. Clair