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Isaac Page St. Clair

Dear JLG,
I too have heard that scream.   Obtained Isaacs civil war service record from the department of the Interior, a very worth while, hand written record of everything he did as a member of Co. E  1st reg`t Me. Vol, Lt. Arty.  Enrolled 12/2/1861 and MO`d 7/6/1865.  Captured at the battle of Gettysburg,  repatriated and ran an ambulance for the duration of the war. 
They moved to chicago where he was a Policeman for a while, and then tradition says he abandoned his family and was never heard from again.  Rumor had it that he had gone to Yuma Az. on a "crazy colonization scheme".  My family had never known, in spite of many searches what had become of him.  All because they tried to use the name St. Clair,  when in actuallity in New England  Sinclair was the default spelling.  We rented Rosslyn Castle back in 1991,  a truly metaphysical experience when coupled with a visit to the Masonic Museum in Edinb.  Many times in Scotland  it is pronounced "Sinclair" but written"St. Clair"   I. P. Died 5/27/1896 at National Soldiers Home,  Arlington Va.
Maybe try:   National Archives and Records Administration
                   Washinton Dc.  20408
Good Luck!     Wm F. St. Clair
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