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There has been discussions about the bagpipe series on PBS. Gary M. Sinclair
stated that he thought the series was available through Scotvision. The
following is for your information and not an advertisement.
The Instruments of War series is available through Scotvision. They are
"Ladies from Hell" and "Call to the Blood." These are videos are a film
history of the Great Highland War Pipe.
Another piece of music that is very enjoyable is a CD available through
Scotvision "When The Pipers Play" with Isla St. Clair.
These can be ordered from Scotvision at 1-800-729-8671.
I am not pushing any of this, but I have found a whole different enjoyable
experience listening to Celtic music. My favorite at Christmas is "A Scottish
Christmas," others are Celtic Mysts, Celtic River, Music of the Highlands,
etc. Most of the Scottish Highland games have vendors that have tapes and CD's
of good music. Try something different. Listen to "Thistle and Shamrock" on
PBS radio on Saturday evenings.
Gary D. Sinclair. Concord, CA.
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