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No, I don't have anything that has the middle name spelled out.  He did
serve in the
civil war, and Maybe I can get some pension files that would say the middle
I don't know where they got married.  The 1890 pension file cd that I have
has a George
A. Sinclear in Baraboo Enumeration District 224, Wisconsin.  But it lists
Rock County,
and Baraboo is in Sauk County.
His obit used G.A. Sinclear.
He married Mary Elizabeth ??? and they were both born in New York, but his
born son was born in Ironton Sauk County, WI.
I got a note yesterday from a woman in Niagara County, New York who offered
do a look up for me this weekend.  Maybe that will provide some info.  He
named his son George A.  Sinclear.  born abt 1868  unknown location.
George A. Sinclear b. 7-16-1830 NY
Mary Elizabeth ??? b. 6-30-1838 NY
children:  William Stafford Sinclear b. Aug 18, 1856 Ironton, Sauk Co, WI
Roxalany A. Sinclear Dec 1, 1859  Delton, Sauk Co, WI
Charles Sinclear  July 1860 Sauk County, WI
George A. Sinclear abt 1868 ???

Does anything sound familiar?  Trudy
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> Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 6:00 AM
> Would you have the middle name of the George A. Sinclair you are
> reffering to??
>           Appreciate your answer.  Thamks from Mo.
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