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Re: Sinclair /Shetland Islands

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I have these dates for James Sinclair, who was one of the children born 
in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.
2 August 1858

The two other children were older but I have no names or dates,
there was Maggie Sinclair and Jessie Sinclair.
I have no knowledge of the mother except that she died in Ballarat I 
believe from pneumonia.

I hope that you enjoyed Christchurch, I live 30 minutes north of 
Christchurch in a rural area. Christchurch is a lovely place in fact I 
was there this afternoon.
Did you visit the Banks Peninsula?
Did you visit Lyttleton harbour which is where my Sinclairs lived in nz.
Tell what you did in Christchurch and what you thought of it.

My warmest regards ,
Jenny Coster
North Canterbury, New Zealand   

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