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New query

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I am searching for a Marguerite St Clair married in the 1770's to Richard
Winston.  Marguerite's husband, Richard, was the Civil Governor of St Clair
county in Illinois in the 1780's.  There is evidence that this possibly was
Marguerite's second marriage so she might have been previously married to a St
Clair.  There are also records showing that after Richard Winston's death a
John Murray St Clair bought some of his land and a William St Clair signed the
deed dated 1790.  I know that 
St Clair county was named for Gen Arthur St Clair and John Murray St Clair was
Arthur's son, but I cannot make a connection from there to Marguerite or the
William St Clair that signed the deed.  
Surely all of these St Clair's in the same place is not just a coincidence.
Can anyone help me here? 
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