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Another new member here. I've been following this group for days and am VERY
impressed. Foremost, I am looking for descendants of WILBUR FISK ST. CLAIR. He
is something of a mystery since he divorced my grandmother, Maude VanAlstine,
in 1912 at Exeter, Missouri. He left her for another woman and throughout the
years had his children, Kenneth (1891-1935, California), Lynn (Male, 1897
-1969, California), and Dorothy, my mother, (1903 - 1987, Omaha, Ne,) followed
by a private detective. Any info about descendants of Kenneth or Lynn, or the
possible "second" family of Wilbur would be greatly appreciated.

My St. Clair line goes thus: Wilbur's sister, Stella St. Clair (no birth or
death info) sang for George V of England in 1905. Wilbur's father, Reverand P.
(we don't know what the "P" stands for) St. Clair owned property in one of the
Virginias. He married a Tingley. He was a chaplain in the Union army and held
two honorary chairs at Columbia University for Greek and Sanskrit. Supposedly,
there is some connection between "P" St. Clair and General St. Clair of the
Revolutionary War. The line then, through family lore, recesses to a woman by
the name of Sinclair who had an affair with King James the ll of England and
was run out of Scotland because of the illegitimate male child she bore him.

Does anyone have any information to share or guidance? I have other details
about Wilbur's "first" family if anyone is interested.

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