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Re: NC Sinclairs

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At 11:05 AM 1/18/99 -0600, you wrote:
>I am relatively new to this group and I want to provide my family
information with hopes that some of you can assist me with my >search. My
paternal grandmother was a Sinclair from North Carolina. The family lived
in Anson, Union, and Stanly Counties. The >following is my line:

Hi Sid,
I am new to *genealogy*, but have found a lot of help via this list.  My
line goes back in Union County, SC....I think you are referring to Union
County, NC.  In any event we may eventually be able to help each other.  If
you go to my web page and go to 'Sinclair Clan' you will find some info re
the Sinclair's in the Brown Creek area of Union County, SC...back to about
1790.  I also have Lisa Burns email address hyperlinked on the same page.
She has done a lot of research on our line and may be of help.  She has a
lot more detail than I've put on my page....I hope to update it soon.

Good luck,

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