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Re: Hi Toni re: Peterborough research

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Hello Brian,

Thank you very much for the offer.  I still keep hoping to get to P'boro too,
but we are in the process of moving, so the opportunities are rare.

Specifically, I would like to get either a copy of, or all the details of a
newspaper article from the Peterborough Weekly Dispatch, 20 May, 1847. pg. 3.
In the article it tells about an angilican minister named Thomas Fidler, who drown on Saturday, May 15, 1847, in the Fenelon River.  Two young Sinclair men
died with him.  Their names were Neil and Alexander, and they are the sons of
the Neil and Christian Sinclair who I have been researching. I hope the article 
might say a little about the parents, since both sons were unmarried.

If I do get to P'boro before you, I will let you know, so you won't have to waste your time.  

I'm sure I've asked you before, but which Sinclairs do you come from?  I have
accumulated more Sinclair families since we "talked" last.


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