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Re: new Clan Sinclair U.S.A. Commissioner list

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>John, I just checked the list.  It's incorrect for my entry.  Please
>everyone,  my name is Darwin-Tamar Ramsey.  Please write to me as Darwin
>Ramsey.  I have NO MIDDLE NAME so, consequently, I have NO MIDDLE INITIALS.
>Also, please, please, please, get rid of that Styer part!  

OK, I've fixed this in the web version.

>Please forward this to the correct person so they can fix this.

Mary Selver, Clan Sinclair U.S.A. Secretary/Treasurer, is on this
discussion list, so she got your message.  As you've seen by her response,
she will fix it in her updated master list.

>  I am afraid
>I am a little touchy about my name because I have lived my entire life being
>called Dogwood, Derwood, Derwin, Darren, Dawn, and most of all MR. Darwin
>Ramsey.  I am female and my name is a family name.  I really like it the way
>it is properly written.  
>Thanks for listening to me sound off.  I would appreciate this being
>corrected as soon as possible.  

I can appreciate this.  As you've probably noticed, people frequently misspell
my name.

One advantage of having the list of commissioners on a web page is so that
typos like this can be seen and corrected.

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