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Inkster Tartan

Hello all,
Yes I'm still alive and well. I do skim the email you all send out looking for Norwegian and Inkster clues  :)
I orginally started my Tartan search last summer at the Fergus Highland Games in Fergus, Ontario, Canada and found that the Tartan registery didn't have an Inkster Tartan listed. They did have us (Inkster) under the family of Clan Sinclair however.
I have to send a most gracious thank you to Neil Ray and Joanne Gilmour. They have been great with all they're help! Thanks "Cousins"! (We're are related through the William Sinclair line)
They helped me get in contact with George R. S. Inkster, who happens to be the Inkster Clan Cheiftain (didn't even know we have one until then! lol!) out of Winnipeg. They got in contact with him for me since he does not own a computer. In turn, he wrote me (do we still do that? hehe) and told me that he had the material sent from Dunsdale Mill in Selkirk, Scotland and that they might have the other half of the material they used for his left.
In earlier correspondence with Neil and Joanne they told me that the Inkster Tartan was granted permission to register by Lord Lyons of Scotland in 1995, and the tartan was designed in 1996. Not sure who designed it however. 
It truely is one of the most beautiful tartans ever designed. In fact there are two, one being the Inkster Tartan and the other an Inkster Red Tartan. He sent me a picture and I hope to have it scanned before the end of the week so you all can see it.
I'm so glad that I found it and have made it a personal goal to wear it in my wedding in July 31/99.
If it wasn't for this email forum I'd probably never have known about something that means so much to me and my family. I thank you all and hope someone out there touches your life too. Even if it helps just one person like me, it's worth it!
God Bless,
Jeff and Cheryl