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Re: Our MěRE, NORWAY connection

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Hello, Laurel

I sort of hope your throat is starting to feel better, but if it isn't, that's a
bonus for the rest of us!  What interesting books you do read!

About the Moere (whatever, I can't do that slash thing on my computer) name, in the Netherlands it would probably be Morije.  They have many words with "ij" together, making the sound of a very short "eye".  By that, I mean not
drawled out the way we say "eye."  When you mentioned the Spain connection, I
know that Spain ruled the Netherlands several centuries ago (I think the 1500s,
but I'm not sure).  Many christian names have carried through to the present.
For example, in my immediate family, the names "Christinus, Martinus, Jacobus,
Apolonia and Antonia" abound, and all are Spanish names.

Regarding the tartan symposium, I wonder if anyone knows if the tartan of
"Inkster" was discussed.  Our "cousin" Jeff Inkster is anxious to get a kilt
of that tartan for his wedding this summer.  Are you still there, Jeff?

That's about all I can add to this very interesting conversation.  Keep those
ideas coming!


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