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Re: Sinclairs in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC, Wash, Oregon, Montana, ...

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Toni, I would love to see your list as I beleive that many of my branch of
Sinclairs went from Orkney to settle in the west.  Racine Wisc,   Portland,
and Vancouver as evidenced by photos left by my great grand parents.  There
are also a few from New Brunswick and one from Toronto.  I wish I knew how to
post the photos, they may be familiar to someone.    
       My Orkney line as I know it:
  1. JAMES SINCLAIR married BARBRA GROAT 1816 Sandwich OK,  8 sons: ALEX,
MALCOLM, JOHN(1818), JAMES(1821), GEO(1823),WM(1825), ISAAC(1827)
  2. ROBERT SINCLAIR(b 1832),  MARY SUTHERLAND ALLAN(b1832  married  
      1859 on Island of Swona OK ,  sibs: Wm. (1862), SAM.(1867), RBT (1869),
JOHN (1870) and CATH(1863), MARY(1865) MARG(1868) and two unknown sisters.
Some known emmigrations of siblings to  Africa, Austrailia, US (William. ALEX)
  3. ALEXANDER SINCLAIR (b 1872), MARY ANN MAINLAND (b 1879) married 
       1900 in St. Margaret's Hope, South Ronaldsay OK
  Any connections??                                 Marilyn
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