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Sinclairs in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC, Wash, Oregon, Montana, ND & SD, USA

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Hi Everyone,

I joined your list a week or so ago and it's
time to introduce myself.  I am not a direct
Sinclair descendant, although after obtaining
more info from my Auntie in Saskatchewan by
phone this afternoon, I may very well have a
Sinclair GGGrandmother in my mothers line .

I am descended from Titameg who was likely a
Cree Indian woman.  She was born about 1755
in York Factory which was one of the earliest
Hudson Bay Company Trading Posts on Hudson's
Bay.  She was married 'according to the
custom of the country' about 1770 to John
Favell born 1740 in Southwark, England.  When
he died in 1784 at Fort Albany he was the
Second-in-Command at Moose Factory.

Their four known children eventually moved to
the newly established Red River Settlement
and over the years many more generations were
raised in this location.  Among the branches
of my family tree are many well known
explorers, Chief Factors, Interpreters,
Clerks, War Veterans and all the usual people
that all families are made up of.

Some of the early settlers to the Red River
Settlement were Sinclairs and it is through
the intermarriage of Sinclairs, Favells,
Howes, Andersons, Pritchards, Mathesons, and
many other early fur trade families that I
find my ancestors.

I have Isabella Sinclair b 1845 m abt 1866 to
Michael Desmarias who is a GGGrandson of John
Favell and Titameg.

I have John Norman Sinclair m  Margaret
Desmarias b 1853 in Portage la Prairie,
Manitoba.  Michael and Margaret Desmarias
were brother and sister.

I would be more than happy to share my
information with you if you think this might
be your family.  These are only two of a
number of connections, and because of my
focus on Fur Trade Families I have collected
info on all the families as I connect to

I have some Sinclairs in Alberta, BC, Wash,
South Dokata, Sask, and of course, Manitoba.
Hope this wasn't boring, looking forward to
hearing from some of you.  Happy Holidays and
real good Hunting!!!

kinanaskomitin nim

In friendship and sharing

Serena in Whitehorse, Yukon

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