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Sinclair-St. Clair family of Canada/US

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I am looking for information on the following:  These are Sinclair of Canada
and US 1815-present.
	My Great Grandfather Edmond Donald Sinclair baptized 17 Feb 1878 St. Leanard
Aston in Nicolet, Provence Quebec. He married in Manchester, NH Alice/Exima
Bellemare 1899. Both set of parents lived in Manchester at this time. This
couple had 8 children. 7 lived : Adrian, Walter Oneil (my grandfather),
Arene/Arlene  Gracelle, Alice Ena/Eva, Jeannette (Marie Helene Jeannette),
George, and Rudolph. The last to sons married cousins ( Aurora Remillard and
Simone Boufford of Manchester, NH). 
	Edmond abandoned his wife and children and returned to Trois Rivieres PQ
Canada about 1913.  He died some time after 1930 I guess.
	Edmond came from a large family! He appears to be number 8 of 12 born to
Hercules/Hercule Douzephir Sinclair and Hermine Girard.  I can only find in
the Drouin books that they got married, but date and location are unknown.
The appear to have moved around, but liked to had 7 of there children baptized
at St. Leonard Aston parish in Nicolet. 
	The children were Philip Alfred 1869-1869, Jane (m Joseph Lavergne1891),
Marie Monique Jeanne b 1 Aug 1871 (this could be Jane), Azilda (m Ernest Lebel
1895), Delia (m Ludger Vignault/Lignault 1896), Frank (m 1 Clarenda Grondin ,
2 Elobia Bernier ), John/Jean  Arthur b 2 
Feb 1876, Edmond (my Great Grandfather), Joseph Henry b 21 Sep 1879, Marie
Heloise/Eloise b 20 Sep 1882, (m Arsene Guerin 1904), Joseph Urbain b 18 Jun
1884 (m Cecile Legendre 1911), Marie Eleanore Laurette Sinclair b 28 Jun 1886
( her parents lived in Manchester, NH at this time).
	Hercules had 3 sibs Cleophee (m Isreal Leblanc 1862), John/Jean Baptiste b
10 Mar 1844 (m 1Delphine Vigneau, 2 Julie Beaulac, 3 Arlen Dube ( she was from
Manchester NH where her first husband died) ), William 1846-1854, then
Hercules (my GGGrandfather)
	There parents were John/Johnny/Jean Sinclair and Marie Laplante married 22
Feb 1841 Nicolet.
	Johnny's sibs were he was first born @1816-1817 someplace in Canada, Marie (m
Hubert Pinard 1843), Peter @1821- 1883 (m Marie Rene 1851), Marie Zoe b 29 Jan
1828, Appolline/Pauline b 2 Nov 1829.
	There parents were Robert Sinclair of Scotland and Marie Loranger (dit)
Rivard married 23 Oct 1815 in Trois Rivieres Provence Quebec. 

Well this is my line and I would like to find any connections out there in
Sinclair land 

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