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looking for Michael Sinclair (circa 1840)

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Hi all,
	My name is Jim Caputo.  My grandmother was a Sinclair and I have been
attempting to trace back her Sinclair roots but have run into a problem on the
U.S. end.  Here's what I have so far...
	My great-great-grandfather was William F. Sinclair.  According to the 1900
U.S. census, William was born in New York in May 1861.  Unfortunately, I can
find no other proof that William or his parents were here at that time.  I
can't even find any documentation of the marriage of William to his wife, Mary
Agnes Harrington, born March 26, 1860 in County Kerry.  Through information
gathered from relatives, I have a relatively complete list of all of William's
descendents.  Perhaps there are decendents of an unknown sibling of William's
out there.
	William's parents' names were Michael Sinclair and Sarah Doherty.  My best
guess is that they were born around 1840, probably in County Cork, but
possibly in County Kerry.  This is all I know about them.  I have been unable
to determine where they are buried or even if they died here in America.  I've
tried the NYC directories for the relevant years with no avail.  I'm stumped
as to what I might do next.
	Any suggestions?  Or better yet, any relations?
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