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Re: Christmas Gift I Received w/Clan Sinclair Motto

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Mike...I tried to access your web page, but got the ole familiar message:

>File Not Found
>The requested URL /~st-clair/pictures/Commit_thy_Work_to_God_Kanji.jpg was
not found >on this server.

I checked some other web pages and my browser seems to be working fine. 

I'd like to see the plaque.

Mel Sinclair

>It came
>out so nicely that I've uploaded a copy to my Internet site to share
>with anyone interested.  You will find it at URL:
>Feel free to enjoy and share.
>Mike St. Clair

There is more to sailing than ropes and winches, cleats 
and bulging sails.  There are faraway places and the ever 
changing light, and the silence, and a great peace at the 
bottom of your soul. ----Ferenc Mate'
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