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Re: Almost cousins!

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>     First, let me again thank you for managing the Sinclair List and doing it
>so well; it has given us an opportunity to learn some history and meet others
>doing similar and same research.

Glad you like it.  Remember, the value of the list is in what people post
to it, so I encourage all of you to keep posting.

>     Second, may I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.

Thanks.  And you you and yours.

>     Third,  You and I are almost cousins---Ruth, the sister to your Aunt
>Jane's husband, married my GrUncle Duncan Sinclair (brother to my
>GrGrandfather, Joseph McNeill Sinclair).  I met Jane several years ago while I
>was visiting a cousin and gave her information on my branch of the Sinclairs.
>We exchange cards at the holidays and information during the year.  I was able
>to supply her with McIntosh information back beyond what she had.

We just picked up Jane this morning to bring her to our usual gathering
at the farm.  I'll tell her I heard from you.

>     Small world!   Have a great 1999---and thanks, again.
>     Rebecca Sanford, DeLand, Florida

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