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re James Stuart Sinclair bn 13May1806

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To Moira
cc sinclair mail list

I saw your posting on the sinclair page - Isabella seems to be a great
name used so often in my family tree where the Sinclairs are - I have
not got far back to Scotland on my Sinclair chase - Aparently Donald
married the gate keeper's daughter and some thing he was "disowned" for
marrying outside etc.... fun times ! ! !

I come from the sinclair line out of Pt Lincoln in South Australia

starting point - Donald Sinclair ... who must be born before 1780
his children were -
Mary Sinclair abt 1793
Catherine Sinclair abt 1795
Peter Sinclair abt 1798
John Sinclair abt 1802
John Sinclair abt 1804
James Stuart Sinclair 13 May 1806 Lamash, Isle of Arran, Scotland
Jean Sinclair abt 1810

the about dates are educated guesses about dates of births based upon
the known order and actual date of birth for James Stuart.  He came to
South Australia and thats were my line really takes off.

I am still not sure how close the Isle of Arran links into Caithness
which is also
supposed to be part of the family history... maybe some kind person on
cross posting will let me know how close they are or what ever.

happy hunting

Alan Hall
Melbourne Oz

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