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Re: Outstanding Sinclairs

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Greetings all,

With news received recently of the failing health of my father, I feel I
must also weigh in on this famous Sinclair list.

My father is the son of a Massachusetts farmer.  I have heard the storys
told by my Grandparents when I was young and by my father.  These people
were all Outstanding Sinclairs, Burkes, Clarks, Smiths, Wheelocks, and on
and on.

They worked with their hands, minds and bodies to survive and make a place
in this world for their descendants.  Each generation tried to better
themselves more as we do today.

My father worked as a boy on the farm, went to school, worked in a factory,
went to war,  Married a fine woman, worked in a factory, went to school, and
slowly bettered his standing as he climbed the corporate ladder.

During his life he has succeeded as a husband, father of four, respected
member of Church and community, and above all, he has honored his parents
and ancestors in his every day life.

I feel this is the mark of an "Outstanding Sinclair"  and I have been
fortunate to have the time to tell him.

If I can accomplish what my ancestors have I too will be remembered as and
outstanding Sinclair.  It will not be for one act but for a lifetime.


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