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Sorry for not responding sooner, with school and family, it's hard to indulge in hobbies.
Just so you all know, I did get an A with my Prince Henry Sinclair report, in fact it was used as a sample for the class. As with all the reports, they are read to the class. Afterwords the professor asked if anyone has heard of PHC. Not one hand raised. So I feel
as though I have spread the word to at least thirty of my peers.  
You mentioned it was impossible for me to connect to the Sinclair line as I had it listed. The Coleman line ends with John Coleman b: 1761. You are correct! 
(grandma) Della Joyce Coleman (recently diagnosed w/cancer)
John Westley Coleman b:1886
Della St. Clair b:1870
John Westley St. Clair b:1840 married to Mary Ann Judd daughter of Arza Judd (III).
Joshua St. Clair b:1802
John Sinclair b:1763
Col. Richard Sinkler b:1731
Did I get it right this time? I looked at the file and can't figure out how I messed up the first list so badly. 
I had no idea we are so closely related! and you in Portland! what a treat. I do go there about once or twice a year. I would love to meet you, maybe durring spring break or ???. I just started school (can old dogs learn new tricks?). I have made a two year commitment and picked something that has always interested me and I never understood how it functions, "computers". I'm going for an ATA in computer science. I'll be learning Unix, Cobol, C, C++ and much more. The home work demands are high, and I'm not even to the technical stuff yet. I'll contact you when I can sneek off for a day and indulge in our hobby. 
Andy Horlackers address is    andy@utah_inter.net  
What did you fix/change with the Judd line?
Lisa Miller  Port Orchard, WA

Hi Kay in Tracyton, WA (about 20 min away from me). Good luck with your line!   

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