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Templar Links

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I asked the question yesterday about Catherine Sinclair, her supposed marriage
to Hugh de Payen and the Sinclair templar heritage. I do not consider any of
these modern templar/esoteric books to be definitive proof of Sinclair templar
links. Holy Blood Holy Grail, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Hiram Key etc etc
all quote the Sinclair links to templarism but they all seem to use each other
as references. Someone mentioned "The Forgotten Monarchy" which puts forward
Michael of Albany's claim to the Scottish Throne. This book has been widely
rubbished in Scotland and no-one seems to take it seriously.

The other facts stated as proof of Sinclair Templarism are the templar
symbolism at Rosslyn, but surely this was built over 100 years after the
dissolution of the order- fascist groups still use Nazi symbols 50 yrs after
the Nazi's were wiped out in Germany but no-one takes then seriously. Graves
with longswords do not necessarily indicate the graves of Templars they were
used throughout medieval times for graves of knights.

Can anyone quote contemporary references giving definite proof of a Sinclair
templar Heritage ?


John Duguid

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