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Re: Symposiums

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Thanks so very much for keeping me informed about the Sinclair Symposium in
France.  Its Web Site is worth visiting.  John Duguid's messages were much
appreciated.  Thanks!

Another Symposium, conducted by different speakers who focused upon many
aspects of Prince Henry Sinclair, was held at Lincoln, NH and at Westford, MA.
It has been written up in a 68-page booklet, called  the "Sinclair Symposium
     This book has captured the depth and spirit of the many
     topics of the recent Symposium at the Clan Gathering in
     Lincoln, NH, and Westford, MA. The contents reveals a
     broad picture of Prince Henry Sinclair, his family, his
     Templar connections, his voyage, his home, and his
     monuments in Westford, Newport, and Rosslyn.  We have
     also included the fantastic presentation of Elaine
     Fowler about how we can teach our children the Prince
     Henry story.  
     Presentations were made by eight speakers, including
     Michael Kaulback, Suzanne Carlson, Derek Gunn, Bob
     Green, Gordon Flaws, Beth Gay, and Pete Cummings.  Most
     of these are reflected in this book.
     This Symposium book sells for $22, postage paid.  If
     you want a copy, make out your check to "Pete Cummings"
     and send it to me at 65 Hartwell Street, West Boylston,
     MA, 01583.
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