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John, Joseph and Duncan List # 2

[ This is the Sinclair family discussion list, sinclair@zilker.net.
[ For more information, see http://www.mids.org/sinclair/list.html

Hi All:  Below is the compilation of the latest e-mails regarding
information about "Johns, Josephs, and Duncans" (October 11, 1998 -
November 4, 1998).    If anyone needs List # 1, let me know and I will
e-mail it to you. Happy hunting!    Gail

          Sinclairs of Exeter
          Sun, 11 Oct 1998 09:24:13 -1000
          "kevin and rika" <kevrik@shaka.com>

Here are a couple of facts about John T. Sinclair and his son , John
of Exeter some may find interesteing. They both enlisted in the 15th NH
Volunteer Infantry , Co. I in the fall of 1862. John T. would be
disabled  in Feb. 1863 , while John Albert would serve out his
The 15th was a 9 month regiment and would take part in the siege of Port

Hudson in the summer of 1863.
 After his discharge , John Albert would enlist in the navy in 1864 ,
serving on 4 ships as a coal hauler until the end of the war.
 A Lewis W. Sinclair of Brentwood is listed in Co. E  and dying July 25
in Port Hudson.
For those interested in NH units in the Revolution , including those
mentoined by Morrison , try Richard Ketchum's "Saratoga-Turning Point in

America's Revolutionary War"
               Kevin Riley

          Re: John, Joseph and Duncan
          Sun, 11 Oct 1998 20:51:37 -0400
          Juli Anderson-Kalwa <juli.andersonkalwa@mci2000.com>

Here is an update on a few of the many John's and Duncan's I have in my
family tree:

I found the John Sinclair (b 1833) I was searching for in Barbreak, Loch

Awe, Glenorchy & Inishail.  His birth was not registered but found his
marriage certificate, 1898 obit and so far on the 1841, 1851 and 1881
censuses.  John married Christina McIntyre (not registered either but
1834 to Duncan McIntyre and Christina Cameron).

John's parents were Alexander Sinclair and Janet McLachlan (m 17 Dec
Kilchrenan & Dalavich and 18 Dec 1832 Glenorchy & Inishail).
parents were John (yes another one) Sinclair and Flory Campbell (m circa

1785 Kilchrenan & Dalavich).

John Sinclair and Flory Campbell had at least 5 children:

Gilbert c 27 Jul 1786 Kilchrenan & Dalavich
Marion c 5 Nov 1787 Kilchrenan & Dalavich
Archibald c 26 Dec 1789 Kilchrenan & Dalavich
Gilbert (?) c Jun 1798 Glenorchy & Inishail
Alexander c 6 Nov 1898 Glenorchy & Inishail

Alexander Sinclair and Janet McLachlan had 7 children:

John Sinclair b circa 1833 Barbreck, Inishail
Mary Sinclair b 26 Feb 1837 Barbreck, Inishail
Flory Sinclair b 26 Mar 1839 Barbreck, Inishail
Donald Sinclair b circa 1842 Barbreck, Inishail
Gilbert Sinclair b circa 1844 Barbreck, Inishail
Ann Sinclair b circa 1847 Barbreck, Inishail
Dugald Sinclair b circa 1849 Barbreck, Inishail

John Sinclair married Christina McIntyre 1 Jun 1855 Milton Glasgow.
had 4 children:

Alexander Sinclair
Christina Sinclair
John Sinclair b 30 Apr 1860 - (passed away young or left SCT prior to
Jessie Sinclair
Also trying to locate info on Archibald Sinclair (born?) who married
Isobella Campbell (born?)
20 Dec 1821 in Inveraray. Used Scots Origin to order MC.  They had five

 John b 13 Oct 1822 Inveraray    d 22 Nov 1891 Dunoon
Christine b 16 Dec 1824 Inveraray
Donald b 17 Apl 1827 Inveraray
Archibald b 27 Oct 1829 Inveraray   d 2 Jun 1912 Dunoon
Duncan b 27 Oct 1831 Inveraray

According to Archibald jrs marriage cert in 1857 and 1841 census the
were tenants of Duke of Argyll at Auchindrain.

          Re: Origins of Duncan A. Sinclair
          Mon, 12 Oct 1998 10:35:21 EDT

I also have a John Sinclair born abt.1753 in Virginia, died abt.1823 in
Missouri, son of Charles Sinclair (1717-1766) married to Ann ?
(abt.1720-1789).  John married Rebecca Pruitt born abt.1760 in Missouri
Arkansas Territory. Her parents were William Pruitt and Mary Martin.

My direct link to this John is his son Charles Sinclair born abt.1785 in
think South Carolina, died after 1850 in Texas. He married Mary (Polly)
Havens on Aug. 6, 1801 Knox, TN.

They moved to Illinois, then on to Missouri area from the south then
migrated down into Arkansas Territory near VanBuren/Ft.Smith area. Later

family moved on to east Texas. My direct link NAOMI SINCLAIR was born
1809 in TN or Illinois. She died after 1859 in Franklin, TX, she married

Henry Nidever.

Naomi had a sister named Rebecca Sinclair born abt.1804 in TN and died
Nov.19, 1882 in Bell, Texas she was married to Marshall Crawford.

There were other siblings of Charles and Mary Havens Sinclair that went
Texas I have their names and some dates proven.


          Re: John, Joseph and Duncan
          Wed, 14 Oct 1998 22:25:47 +0200
          "Roland + Shirley Bowers" <bowersrg@mweb.co.za>

Do you have any further information Johns?  I am trying to locate a John
Sinclair who was born on 1 November 1917 in Scotland (region unknown).
information would be most welcome as I have reached a dead-end.


          Re: John, Joseph and Duncan
          Wed, 14 Oct 1998 18:09:22 EDT

More Johns
    From South Ronaldsay Orkneys 1821 Census:
    JOHN age 45,wife BELL-  from Berston
    JOHN age 10, same household as above
    JOHN, age 2, Kirk

>From tombstones in Orkneys:
    JOHN, born 1840, died age 73
     JOHN, wife Marjorie Carmichael died Dec 7/1676 aged 87


             Sarah Sinclair[St Clair] Highland Co, Ohio
             Wed, 14 Oct 1998 18:18:22 -0500
             "Robert J. Stevens" <snevets@execpc.com>

I found a Sarah Sinclair on the 1830 Highland Co., Ohio Census Index and

just received from the Southern Ohio Genealogical Society the following
response to my query about Sarah. """According to McBrides Common Please

Court Records of Highland Co. One Sarah Sinclair made an Indenture for
John W. Sinclair aged 16 bound to George Tucker as a tailor's apprentice

for five years."""" Jean Could this Sarah Sinclair be the Sarah St Clair

that was in Ross Co 1810-1823. Refering to Family #37.[The family we
have researched documents a John St. Clair who married Sarah (Mershon)
in Kentucky.  They were in Ross County, Ohio 1817-1823.  Then Sarah, the

widow moved to Highland County.].


          Re: John, Joseph and Duncan
          Fri, 16 Oct 1998 07:42:39 -0400
          "Barb Groth" <barb@eznet.net>

I live in the Barre/Albion New York area and am in the line of John
from Exeter, NH.  As far as I know the St Clairs in the Albion area are
my line. My line was: John of Exeter; James; Joseph; and Thomas.
son James went to Barre NY, Orleans Co. and then moved North 7 miles to
Albion sometime in the early 1800's.  James was the brother of my
Benjamin.    Benjamins' sons Enoch and Asa went to Sacketts Harbor in
1811 and then
on to Concord, Erie County, NY and lived there until 1845 where Enoch
moved on to Ilinois and finally Iowa.    I believe that the Sinclairs/St
Clairs from the Albion area were only from that line, and as of now I am
the only Sinclair in the Albion area.


          Re: Dunoon Sinclair's
          Fri, 16 Oct 1998 14:33:28 -0600
          "Matheson" <zoo@uswest.net>

Re: Sinclairs in Dunoon & Kilmun parish, Neil Sinclair (Canada) has
ancestors who emigrated from Glendaruel in
Argyll County to PEI.  I've been poking around, trying to connect my
Duncan Sinclair (b. 1781-2 in Scotland).  A
high proportion of those Scots living in North Carolina came from Argyll
County.  I've noticed that many, many
Sinclairs from Glenorchy & Inishail parish moved south to Dunoon &
Kilmun parish.  Dunoon is just across from
the port of Greenock, and it appears that many in that area made their
living on/from the sea.  I personally have
only looked at records pre-1800.

The Scottish parish registers (christenings and marriages) are available
on computer through the LDS Church at
their local family history branches.  Check your phone book under "The
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Saints."  If they don't have a listing for a family history center, just
start calling numbers and ASK!  To be sure to
get someone, call on a Sunday between 8 am and 4-5 pm.  Their centers
are open free to the public.  Even if you're
not in the United States, you should still check your phone book!!!


          Re: Attn: Marilyn Siperek
          Sun, 18 Oct 1998 15:11:38 +0100
          "James Sinclair" <Jamie.Sinclair@btinternet.com>

I have just joined the mailing list and wondered if anyone out there had

information about my families history. My name is James Sinclair, My
is Donald Alexander Sinclair born in Kirbister, Stromness Orkney, and
father was Peter Sinclair, born on Scapa Orkney !  I have traced a few
levels back, but dont have the information with me (I am in London
for a year), I think Peters father was John Sinclair. Any help would be
great thanks !


          Mon, 19 Oct 1998 07:42:45 +0900
          "Cathy Fulton" <Cathyscatz@bigfoot.com>

Is it too late to get in on information for John Sinclair...

[NOTE: Cathy, I paraphrased your email...have not rec'd your info on
"John", but to you and all, please submit those Johns, Josephs and
Duncans.  It does yield information that helps many!
I'll compile again in two weeks, November 17th.  Gail Mottola]


            Re: Johns
            Mon, 19 Oct 1998 12:16:59 -0400
            "J Sinclair" <js@shaw.wave.ca>

To what extent is the "John Sinclair" one name collection encompassing?
eg....from: John Sinclair's son christened 14Mar1654 in CAI, Canisbay ?
  and/or....who they married .... ?
    or/and ...their progeny (in the old country) ?
Am willing to contribute to the collector of such data if 'Time Span'
and Shire/Parish are within Scotland's domain.

NOTE: Absolutely, contribute whatever you can! Thanks!
            Re: Johns
            Mon, 19 Oct 1998 19:56:40 -0400
            "J Sinclair" <js@shaw.wave.ca>

Hi Marilyn of Western NY....
>From a quick scan of the Orkney, South Ronaldsay, OPRs I noted the
following: -
      Your James & Barbara Groat who m 04 Jan 1816
    had James c 14 Sep 1821 in South Ronalsay
    ....time passes... (I don't have all Orkney OPRs)
    also Alexander c 03 Jan 1830 in South Ronaldsay

As FYI.....
 1. A John Sinclair who m a Jean Groat
       had a daughter Margaret c 1789 in Orkney, Walls and Fotta
    also had a daughter Janet c 04 July 1793 in Orkney, South Ronaldsay

 2. A John Sinclair and Elizabeth Groat of Orkney, South Ronaldsay
       had son James c 18 June 1854 there.

 .........John Sinclair

          Attn: Robert Stevens Re: Sarah Sinclair(St. Clair), Highland
Co., Ohio
          Tue, 20 Oct 1998 18:38:02 +0200
          "Kristin A. Hussein" <krisawni@internet-zahav.net>

Do you have any additional information regarding Sarah Sinclair and John

W. Sinclair that you mentioned in your e-mail of Wed., 14 September? I'm

desperately searching for ANYTHING that might link me to my Robert
Sinclair and John W. Sinclair in Ohio.


          Attn: Marilyn Siperek
          Tue, 20 Oct 1998 18:55:47 +0200
          "Kristin A. Hussein" <krisawni@internet-zahav.net>

I am VERY interested in the siblings of your g grandfather, Alexander
Sinclair. You mentioned that among his siblings were a Robert and John
Sinclair. I am desperately seeking any information about my gg
grandfather Robert Sinclair (1850? 1860? - ?)and his son, my g
grandfather, John Ward Sinclair (1891-1928), . Do you have any
additional information on these two? Birth dates/death
dates/places/marriages/children, etc.? I would really appreciate
anything you could provide. Also, the middle name of "Allan" rang a bell

with me. It is in my family. My maternal uncle's name is James Allan
Sinclair. My own middle name is "Alynn", which is a variation of Allan.
My mother intended to name me after my uncle had I been born male, but
since I wasn't, she changed his middle name to make it a female
variation and gave it to me as my own middle name. I'm really hoping for

a connection here. The dates and names seem to coincide. Hope to hear
from you soon.

          Tue, 20 Oct 1998 17:49:13 EDT

       Robert Sinclair ( born 1832- S. Ronaldsay Orkney Islands) married

Mary Sutherland Allan (born 1833- Isle of Swona South Ronaldsay Orkney
married on Isle of Swona on Jun16, 1859.  Robert was their son born Jan.

1st 1869:  John was their son born on Sept. 13, 1870.  I have not yet
IGI for spouses and children.  Alexander, my great-grandfather was
probably the
8th child.  He emigrated to US (Western New York) in 1902.  I have much
more info on the family if you feel it is your line.  Where are you
from?  In
June 1909, a newspaper article commemorating Robert and Mary Allan
50th anniversary stated there wer 11 children total of which 5 sons and
daughters remained- I have identified 9 of the 11.  The article reported
that the
children resided in : Africa, one in Australia, two in Liverpool, one in

Glasgow, one in Barnsley, Yorkshire and one in Oyce.  When reviewing old

post cards and photos there were also links to Racine Wisc, Aberdeen and
Columbia.   Hope this helps. Marilyn

             Tue, 20 Oct 1998 17:17:56 -0500
             "Robert J. Stevens" <snevets@execpc.com>

The Maerican Geographicak=l & Biographical Index list a John Sinclair
183? Oh Wallbridge[book] pg 257
I am looking for John W sinclair the Son of Sarah Sinclair and John
Sinclair of Highland Co. John died in Ross Co in 1823. John W. was
indentured out to a George W. Tucker as a Tailor's apprentice for 5
years not sure of him after that. There were two John St Clair on the
1820 Census Index one in Columbiana Co Han Twp Pg 73. The other in
Geauga Co Spr Twp pg 177. I found that the census takers were not to
faithful in recording the Surnames so its wise to check all variences.
Our Thomas was recorded as Stclair on the 1860. 1830 has a John Sinclair

in Belmont Richland Twp Pg 240. and four John St Clairs two in Hamilton
Springfield pgs 261 255. one in Muskingum Rich Hill twp pg 266. and one
in Warren Franklin twp pg 202. also a john St Clair in Clinton Chester
twp pg 229. 1840 has a John St Clair in Hamilton Cincinnati p 187. If
you do go lookup these people on the Rolls themselves please check this
one out there is a Thos S St Claire in Highland Co Concord Twp Pg73. A
john Sinclair Warren Co Wayyne Twp pg 152. a john sinclair Columbiana co

Han twp. pg 44. a robert sinclair columbiana co Wes Twp pg 2. [I don't
have the Twp list for the north half on Ohio. A John Sinclair Monroe co
Center twp pg 97 and john in Muskingum co Rich Hill twp pg 480. a john
st clere in Pikaway co sea twp pg 11. In 1850 two many john's to list.
no Roberts. 1860 a John/Lydia/Sarah in murc[Muskingum rich hill] pg 381
a john in rs[Ross]hr pg 127. robert/Nancy/Orlando in Murc pg 382.
John/Elmina/adam,mary,sarah sinclare in murc pg 385. I have a friend in
Waverly who sent me some stuff from the 1860. You probably have most of
this but if not ?maybe? Bob Stevens


          John Sinclair
          Tue, 20 Oct 1998 23:03:08 EDT

We want to add to the plethora of John Sinclairs in hopes that someone
might find a connection.

 John Sinclair was born 06 April, 1740 in Stirling,Scotland.  He married

Isobel Campbell 16 March, 1766.

Children of John Sinclair and Isobel Campbell are:
+       2       i.      Daniel Sinclair, born 29 January, 1772 in
Stirling, Scotland.
        3       ii.     James Sinclair, born 24 January, 1776.
        4       iii.    Margaret Sinclair, born 31 October, 1767.
        5       iv.     John Sinclair, born 11 March, 1774.

2.  Daniel Sinclair  was born 29 January, 1772 in Stirling, Stirling,
Scotland.  He
married Mary McGrigor 08 May, 1812 in Stirling, Stirling, Scotland.

Children of Daniel Sinclair and Mary McGrigor are:
+       6       i.      John Sinclair, born 18 October, 1819; died 1880
Glasgow, Scotland.
        7       ii.     Janet Sinclair, born 1813.
        8       iii.    Christian Sinclair, born 1815.
        9       iv.     Mary Sinclair, born 1824.
        10      v.      Daniel Sinclair, born 1830.

.  JOHN SINCLAIR  was born 18 October, 1819, and died 1880 in Glasgow,
Scotland.  He married MARGARET SCOTT 27 August, 1843 in Gorbals, Lanark,

Scotland, daughter of JOHN SCOTT and ELIZABETH BLAIR.

4.      i.      ALEXANDER SINCLAIR, b. 12 November, 1843, Glasgow,
Scotland; d. 08
February, 1886, Glasgow,

        ii.     MARY SINCLAIR, b. 21 September, 1845.
        iii.    WALTER SINCLAIR, b. 02 April, 1848, Glasgow, Lanark,
        iv.     ISABELLA SINCLAIR, b. 14 April, 1850, Glasgow, Lanark,
        v.      JOHN SINCLAIR, b. 09 May, 1852, Glasgow,Lanark,
        vi.     JAMES BLAIR SINCLAIR, b. 02 July, 1854, Glasgow,Lanark,
        vii.    WILLIAM SINCLAIR, b. 16 July, 1856, Glasgow,Lanark,

11.  Alexander Sinclair  was born 12 November, 1843 in Glasgow,
Scotland, and died 08 February, 1886 in Glasgow,  Scotland.  He married
Bridgett McLachlan
13 July, 1865 in Lanark, Anderson, Glasgow ,Scotland, daughter of Daniel

Mclachlan and Isabella Allan.

Children of Alexander Sinclair and Bridgett McLachlan are:
+       18      i.      John Sinclair, born 01 October, 1868 in Glasgow,

Scotland; died in
Detroit, Mich.
        19      ii.     Dan Sinclair, born 15 May, 1871.Died in Detroit,

+       20      iii.    Walter Scott Sinclair, born 29 September, 1875
Scotland; died 15 February, 1929 in Detroit, Mich.
+       21      iv.     Bella Sinclair, born 18 August, 1876.Died in
Detroit, Mich
        22      v.      Catherine Sinclair, born 20 September, 1881.Died
Detroit, Mich


          Johns & Josephs of Geauga Co. OH
          Tue, 20 Oct 1998 23:34:14 -0700
          "laurel" <laurel@spiritone.com>

My line of Sinclairs were in Perry, Geauga Co. OH on the 1820 census
listed David, John, David Jr., Bradbury, and
John Sinclear Jr. living there.  Another son, Leonard was in Morgan,
Ashtabula Co. OH.  The 1830 Perry, Geauga
Co census shows Joseph St. Clair at Perry, Joseph St. Clair at Harden,
Geauga, Joshua at Leroy, Geauga, David at
Perry.  In 1840 Joshua was in Rockdale, Erie Co. PA beside his wife's
Morey relatives.

The Morrison gives this information on John Sr. s/o Col. Richard Sinkler
& Polly Cilley.  Richard was descended
from John Sinkler of Exeter:  John Sr. was b. Gilmanton,  NH Jan. 13,
1763 d. of TB at Frederick, Schyler Co. IL at
the home of his dau Molly who m. 1st Jefferson Rice and resided at
Frederick.  She m. 2nd Col. Wilcox.  pg. 150.
Note:  The connections to OH and many to southern OH. Many JOHNS and
JOSEPHS. My line is Joshua and Rhoda Morey who went to OH, PA and to WI
by 1845 d. JUNEAU CO. WI.  Have a little more on his siblings Leonard,
Abigail, and JOSEPH who also went to WI.  Beware of errors in the
Morrison book and perhaps some I have done now at 11:30 PM.  I haven't
copied complete dates and there are pages and pages on the exploits of
the very patriotic s/o Richard and Polly who all the older ones, I
think, were  there with Mad Anthony Wayne as they charged Crown Point
and Richard Jr. witnessed the whole Major Andre-Benedict Arnold

John's siblings, children of Richard and Polly were:

Bradbury Sinkler b. Newmarket, NH Mar. 8, 1754 d. Valley Forge 1778
Lt. Richard Sinkler Jr, Newmarket Oct. 1756, res. Barnstead, NH in Rev.
d.on route to Cincinnati 1820
Mary b. Nottingham, NH Dec. 1760; Rev. war. m. Mr. Weed; res. Perry,
Lake Co. where she d.
Joshua b. Nottingham, NH Apr. 16, 1760; Rev. War; d. Maumee City, OH
Nov. 1849
Samuel b. Nottingham, NH May 10, 1762; Rev. War; d. Sinclairville, Chat.
Co. Feb. 8, 1827
JOHN b. Gilmanton, NH Jan. 13, 1763; d. Frederick, IL, Nov. 4, 1845
Elsie b. Gilmanton, NH about 1764; d. at Vassalborough, ME, aged 18
JOSEPH b. Gilmanton, NH, Apr. 9, 1766; d. May 12, 1845,at Perry, Lake
Co. OH
David b. B arnstead, NH; Apr. 9, 1766; d. May 12, 1845; at Perry, Lake
Co., OH

Lt. Richard Sinkler, JR. (s/o Richard and Polly) joined his brother
John, who, more than ten years before, had
located at or near French Creek (or Harbor Creek) Erie Co. PA which was
not far distant from their brother Samuel
Sinclair of Sinclairville, NY.  He lived with his brother, and in 1820
left his house and started on a visit to
Cincinnati.  He was taken sick on the way and died in OH.  His wife was
Elizabeth, Betsey, daughter of Charles
Hodgdon of Barnstead, etc...Children: Nanch m. Obadiah Eastman res.
Dorchester, NH, Polly Cilley b. 1789 m.
Abraham Runnells Bunker of Barnstead; Charles Grandison b. 1793 m.
Martha G. d/ o Joseph Norris etc.
and Eliza S. b. 1800 m. 1825 William Jenkins of Barnstead.  they had 5
children and all died very young.

Joshua s/ o Richard and Polly Cilley Sinkler b. Apr. 16, 1760
Nottingham, NH.  ....m. 1794 m. Abigail Pattee....Res.
Unity, ME...D. Maumee City, OH where he had lived but a few years.
Children: George W.; Abigail m. Thomas
Bagley; William b. 1799 Physician; Thomas J. b. 1801 m. Celinda
Bakeman; Mary b. 1803 m. Alden Chandler ;
Joshua b. 1805 d. RACINE, WI Oct 17, 1848; Jane b. 1807 d. age 21
single; Elizabeth Lovejoy b. 1809 m. in
Maumee City, OH Alpheus W. Boynton; moved to LaFFayette, OH; children d.
in infancy; Daniel Lovejoy b. 1811
d. 1816; Dorcas Burnham b. 1813 m.as his second wife; Alden Chandler d.

Maj. Samuel Sinkler b. 1762  s/o Richard and Polly Cilley Sinkler
m. at Vassalboro, MEE 1785 Sally Perkins who d. Eaton, NY 1804. Their
Molly b. 1786 m. Elijah Haswell; John b. 1789 m. Betsey Lee d. Gerry, NY
; Solomon b. 1780 d. aged 10 years; Sally
b. 1791 d. 1792; Sophy b. 1793; m. Mr. Ward d. in IOWA
Samuel b. 1794 d. 1794
Sally b. Madison, NY 1795 m. William Barros and d. HASTINGS, MN
Richard b. Eaton, NY 1799 d. 1802
Samuel b. Eaton, NY 1801 d. Kinzua, Warren Co., PA 1848
Agnes b. Eaton, NY 1803 d. 1803

He m. 2nd 1805 Mrs Fanny (Bigalow) Edson who had 7 children from 1st
marriage. He d. 1827 Sinklarville, NY and
then these children from this marriage
Nancy b. Madison, Madison Co., NY 1806
David B igalow b. Madison 1807 d. 1879
JOSEPHb. Madison, NY March 15, 1809 d. at FT. WAYNE, INof cholera, Sept.
7, 1854
George W. b. Sinclairville, NY July 4, 1811 res. Sinclairville in 18 89
Orlinda b. Sinclairville 1813, m. Dr. Charles Parker d. Maryville, Chau.
Co. NY 1846
Virtue Elvira b. Sinclairville 1816 m. 1835 Chester Cole; Res.
Hiram B. Sinclairville 1817 d. 1818

John Sinkler b. 1763 Gilmanton, NH s/o Richard and Polly Cilley Sinkler
built sawmills which took him to several
different residences through his life. m. 1785 Abigail Clark b. 1768
Hallowell, ME; their children:
1. Sally b. Barnstead, NH 1786 m. Calvin Snell res. and death in Perry,
OH, among children Nabby, Sally, Jane
Calvin, Andrus of Parisville, OH
2. Bradbury b. Barnstead 1788 d. at MARIETTA, IL 1788
3. JOHN Jr. Barnstead 1790 d. 1822 Perry, OH of TB aged 32 soldier in
War of 1812
4. David b. Barnstead 1792 in War of 1812
5. Leonard b. Danville, VT 1793. m. Sarah St. John; was a carpenter and
farmer; d. 1876 at village of NORTHPORT,
6.  Abigail b. Danville, VT 1798 m. Mr. Casper; res. SAUK CO. WI ......
7.  Samuel b. Black River, Jeff. Co., NY 1801; drown at Rockdale, PA
1804 3 yrs old
8. Joshua b. 1802 Harbor Creek, Erie Co., PA 1885, SUMMIT, JUNEAU CO.,
WI m. Rhoda Morey; Carpenter
    children: Enoch, Franklin, Oliva C. M. John Coleman, Phylander V.,
Charles L. Melinda m. George Curtis and ;
My ancestor--John Wesley b. 1837 /40 Rockdale, PA -m. Mary Ann Judd b.
Leeds Co. Can. (d/o Arza L. Judd and
Matilda Stevens) and member of the Co K 6th WI (Iron Brigade) d. SEVEN
Susan M. 9. Prudence b. Rockdale, Crawford Co, PA 1805 m. Mr. Kibbie;
and Mr. Lord
10. JOSEPH b. Rockdale, PA 1808 d. 1867 SUMMIT, JUNEAU CO., WI m. Eliza
A.?; carpenter and farmer
11. Daniel b. Rockdale 1811
12. Molly b. Rockdale, PA 1813 m. Jefferson Rice; res. Frederick, IL d.
of TB  1855  m. 2nd Col. Wilxox...

JOSEPH b. Gilmanton, NH Apr. 9, 1766 s/o Richard and Polly He lived
there until 1794 when he moved to Danville,
VT. moved to Peacham, VT then to Perry, Lake Co., OH 1828 near his
brother JOHN. m. Olive Colbath d/o
Benjamin and Polly Bickford.  Children:
1. JOSEPH b. Barnstead, NH Oct. 15, 1789; d.  SIOUX CITY, IA
2. Sally b. Barnstead 1791 d. 1791
3. Betsey b. Barnstead 1792 d. 1810
4. Greenleaf Cilley b. Danville, VT 1794 d. Perry, OH 1876
5. Betsey b. Danville, VT d. there when young
6. Statira b. Danville, Vt 1796 moved to Perry, Lake Co., OH m. Mr.
McDowell d. in Ashtabula, OH 1832 no living
children.  Lived at one time in Vienna, Trumbull Co. OH
7. Roxanna b. 1798 in Danville, Vt m. Asa Glines
8. Milton b. Danville 1800 d. at Perry, OH 1852
9. Sarah b. Danville 1802 m. Stephen Glines at Perry
10. Olive b. 1804 Danville m. 1833 Amherst Call (PA?) res. Perry, OH
11. Arit b. Danville 1806; farmer; lived Perry, OH d. 1836 single
12 Elizabeth B. b. Danville, VT 1811; m. Carlos Norris; res. Perry, OH

David b. B arnstead 1770 s/o Richard and Polly Cilley ; moved to Perry,
OH where he kept a hotel and owned a
large farm, was a fine marksman etc. m. Sally Batchelder of
Prentice res, Perry, Eunice d. young , Polly d. young, Calvin res.
Perry, Sally d. young, Betsey m. Elisha Coltran;
Nancy moved to OH with parents, Dolly m. Daniel Parmley d. Perry 1887;
Sarah m. Samuel Wortman res.
BRONSON, BRANCH CO., MI, David d. KINGSTON, ADAMS CO., NE 1891, Polly b.
LeroyLeRoy Genesee Co.
NY 1817 m. Benjamin Wolverton res. Mentor Ave. PAINESVILLE, OH; Eunice
b. Perry OH m. 1852 Lyman
Durand. res. Mentor, OH child Charles Durand b. Mentor res. Painesville,
OH; single (at time of publication)

So hope you people looking for Johns and Josephs see their people and
those looking for clues in OH, WI and IL
will be helped.  I need a clue to my Moreys in Crawford Co., PA.  At
least you can eliminate some that you were
curious about on the census.
Portland, OR

Molly b. 1786 Vassalboro, ME m. Elijah Haswall
John b. 1788 Vassalboro, ME m. Betsey

          Wed, 21 Oct 1998 04:29:50 -0600
          Gerard Souliere <gsoulier@home.com>

I would like to know if some body knows some sinclair that had some
relative in montreal, my mother came from montreal,Her father name is
Joseph sinclair married to Georgiana Arbour.My mother said that she had
some relative in montreal.

          Re: Johns & Josephs of Geauga Co. OH
          Wed, 21 Oct 1998 08:12:00 EDT

      Also please note that the info I sent you on the descendents of
Robert Sinclair and Mary Sutherland Allan (Robert, John) may also apply
to your
sasrch as the area in Western NY where my gg-grandfather Alex settled is

very close to both Ohio and PA; The area is only about 60 miles from
Canada.  Our line is not in the Morrison book.  Our Alex settled within
miles of the Sinclairville NY, Erie PA and Albion NY descendents listed
the Morrison book.  I expect that there is a commom thread there
somewhere, but
have been unable to make a connections.  I do know that he had at least
siblings precede him.


          Re: Attn: Cathy Fulton Re: Ohio Sinclairs
          Thu, 22 Oct 1998 09:41:32 +0900
          "Cathy Fulton" <Cathyscatz@bigfoot.com>

John P. Sinclair DOB 8-16-1804 in OH, DOD 11-28-1885 Wayne County Iowa-
Married Nancy Olinger DOB 1812 No more is listed on Nancy.
Mahala (F) 1836 in IN
Williamson (M) 12-6-1837 Grant co IN  DOD-2-25-1919
Phillip (M) 1839 in IN
Stacy (M) 1841
John W(M) 1845\Rachel A.(F) 1847
Phebe J(F) 1849
James R (M) 1850
Tilman H(M) 1851
Nancy E(F) 1856

Note.. All children were listed as born in Grant County IN. Williamson
G- grandfather and that's why I have any DOD info on him. Williamson
Sarah Francis Breece on 8-14-1865 when she was only 15yo. Sarah was born
Franklin Co IN. They had 15 children including (of course) my
George Augustus Sinclair DOB 8-10-1893 DOD 12-22-1974. I have most of
DOD's for his siblings and if they are needed please let me know and I
gladly supply a copy of them. All my grandfather's siblings were born in

Wayne Co. IA.


          Thu, 22 Oct 1998 17:09:24 +0900
          "Cathy Fulton" <Cathyscatz@bigfoot.com>

Is it possible that Olinger was her middle name and not her last name?
Dad says that this info is from the Wayne co. historical society and of
questionable origin. What other info on my line would you like? I gave
the info on my GG John P Sinclair that I have....do you need the rest of
Grampas family info as well? I will gladly supply it for you.
Williamson Sinclair DOB 12-06-1837 Grant co. Indiana DOD 2-25-1919 Wayne

Married Sarah Francis Breese on 08-14-1865. Sarah's DOB 08-18-1860 DOD
 John Henry (M) DOB 9/12/1866 Wayne Co. IA DOD 05/29/1954 Lineville, IA
Nancy Isabella (F) DOB 08/19/1867 Wayne Co. IA  DOD 09/05/1868, Wayne
Della Lola (F) DOB 05/13/1869 Wayne Co. IA , DOD 09/05/1869 Wayne Co. IA

William Washington (M) DOB 09/09/1870 Wayne Co. IA  DOD 002/23/1963
Thermopolis WY
Alva P(M) DOB 06/29/1873 Wayne Co. IA DOD Unknown
James Stacy(M) DOB 03/20/1875 Wayne Co. IA , DOD 08/14/1876 Wayne Co. IA

Jesse Aubrey (M) DOB 10/17/1878 Wayne Co. IA , DOD 03/10/1921 Corydon,
Mary E.R. (F) DOB 06/25/1880 Wayne Co. IA , DOD Unknown, St Joseph, MO
Glen Oscar(M) DOB 09/09/1882 Wayne Co. IA , DOD 09/27/1954 Wayne Co. IA
Maggie (F) DOB 08/07/1884 Wayne Co. IA , DOD08/19/1885 Wayne Co. IA
Anna Jane (F) DOB 06/21/1886 Wayne Co. IA , DOD08/04/1887 Wayne Co. IA
Marley (M) DOB 01/23/1888 Wayne Co. IA , DOD 02/20/1888 Wayne Co. IA
Grace A (F)DOB 05/16/1889 Wayne Co. IA ,DOD04/20/1917 of TB, Wayne Co.
Gertie (F) DOB 03/26/1891 Wayne Co. IA , DOD Unknown, Des Moines, IA
George Augustus(M)** DOB 08/10/1893 Wayne Co. IA , DOD12/22/1974 of lung

cancer, in West Branch, IA. He was my Grampa and I still miss him.

George Augustus Sinclair married Hallie Evelyn Dent (DOB 01/16/1908,
Co. IA, DOD 01/29/1979, Ontario CA) [George was married briefly befor
and divorced her to marry Hallie. Unsure of her name...no children tho]
Marraige took place in February?, 1925
LaVerne Weston(M) 04/20/1925 Corydon, IA
William Lemley (M)DOB 10/02/1926, Corydon, IA{raised by aunt and Uncle
some unknown reason}DOD of Liver Cancer, 03/30/1980, Corydon, IA
Donald Marvin(M) DOB 01/10/1929 Corydon, IA
Melvin Eugene (M) DOB 01/02/1931, Corydon, IA
Gerald George** (M) DOB 11/18/1932, Corydon, IA
** He is my Dad.
Gerald George Sinclar Married Edith Harriet Blocher (DOB 03/10/1932,
Corydon, IA) on June 22,1951.
Thomas Lavern(M) DOB 09/22/1954, Mt Clemmons MI
Brian Mark(M) DOB 03/26/1960 Belmond, IA
Catherine Mary**(F)DOB 11/07/1962 Belmond, IA
**Me of course!<G>
Catherine married Larry Michael on 06/20/1980 and divorced him 2 yrs
No children. Then I married Mark Fulton on 11/07/1991 and became very,
blissfully happy<G>
Mary Amanda(F) DOB 10/03/1984, Iowa City, IA
Rebecca Jeanne(F), DOB 06/16/1992, Iowa City, IA
Connor Mark(M) DOB 10/16/1993, Iowa City, IA
This was a reply to:
-----Original Message-----
From: Jean Grigsby <jgrigsby@bcni.net>
Date: Friday, October 23, 1998 12:23 AM
Subject: Re: Attn: Cathy Fulton Re: Ohio Sinclairs

>Cathy, there were two distinct branches in Grant County, Indiana, and
>branches came from Clinton County, Ohio.  I hired a researcher and
>documented which branch was which.  >
>There is one big problem.  The marriage record says John P. married
>JACKSON.  We (a group researching this line) are trying to determine
>whether he married two Nancys or whether there were two John P.s.  Two
>John Ps sisters also married into the Jackson family.  Their parents
>James Sinclair and Rachel (surname unknown).  James came out of
>and some think he was the nephew of Alexander of Augusta but there is
>proof of that.
>I am missing one family in my own line.  He was also a John Sinclair
>his last record is the census of 1820 Columbiana County, Ohio.  His
>and brother also went into Clinton County and I thought for a long time

>that your John P. was his son as the brother was the same William who
>to Grant County, Indiana but that would be impossible unless James was
>unknown son of my George.  There is still a lot to be done before I am
>satisfied with this line.


          Sarah Ann Stuart Sinclair
          Thu, 22 Oct 1998 19:33:22 -0500 (CDT)
          jspicer@mcdowell.main.nc.us (Julia English Spicer)

Looking for parents of Sarah Ann Stuart, b. 1835 who married
Duncan F. Sinclair, b. 1833.


          Re: Sinclairs in Ohio
          Fri, 23 Oct 1998 08:28:06 GMT
          asflwr@cujo2.icom.ca (Antonia Sinclair)

Although this one doesn't show any connection to Ohio, here it comes:

John W. "Jack" Sinclair, died 1958.  He married Annie Neil.  She was the

daughter of Robert Neil.  They had 5 children

Reta, Eleanor, Islay (I love that name!), Blake and Neil.  They were all
Peel County, which is west of Toronto.  No mention of where this Jack

I do recall a couple of months ago I received an email from a Jack
Sinclair, who
said he was the 7th generation "Jack".  I didn't save his message, but I

think he was from B.C.  I think I also saw a message from him on the
Sinclair Guestbook website.  You might check that source out.


    Fri, 23 Oct 1998 20:05:41 +0200
          "Kristin A. Hussein" <krisawni@internet-zahav.net>
 Do you have any further information on John W. (1845) and Rachel A.
(1847)? What does the W. stand for? Rachel's maiden name? Children of
the couple? Places? Etc.


          Re: John Arthur Sinclair
          Sat, 24 Oct 1998 22:13:26 +0200
          "Roland + Shirley Bowers" <bowersrg@mweb.co.za>

I am very excited that you have traced a John Arthus Sinclair born in
Dundee in
around about 1917 - tell me more!!!!


          Re: Sarah Ann Stuart Sinclair
          Sun, 25 Oct 1998 13:10:59 -0700
          "Matheson" <zoo@uswest.net>

Parents of Sarah Ann Stuart who married Duncan F. Sinclair are John
Stuart and Dicy.  See 1850 Moore, North
Carolina census (p 245) John Stuart 48 farmer $800 NC, Dicy 40, Elias 17
farmer, Sarah 15, Margaret 11, Ellen 9,
Martha 7, Mary E 4, Catherine 1

            Re: Attn: Marilyn Siperek
            Sun, 25 Oct 1998 22:17:16 -0500
            John Campbell <jocam@istar.ca>
  Marilyn, I am researching the Sinclairs from Orkney as well,
in particular the family of John Irvine Sinclair, born about
1889 at Stronsay, married 3 Sept 1913 to Jessie Wallace at
Prattsfauld,they had nine children, his mother was
Mary Ann Moor. That is all I have on the Sinclair Line and
have been unable to locate any further information, any help
you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.

MSiperek@aol.com wrote:

 We have a John Sinclair from Orkney born Sept. 13th 1870.  If
that fits the time period you are looking for.  I have quite a bit of
from  1800's Orkney/Stromness  Sinclairs.  Let me know when you have
more info.


          Charles A. Sinclair of Exeter
          Mon, 26 Oct 1998 15:45:58 -1000
          "kevin and rika" <kevrik@shaka.com>

Would anybody have information on Charles A. Sinclair , born in Exeter
after 1869. He was the son of John Albert Sinclair and Parmelia Princess

Qualty Page. My Grandmother says he died "in the war", but I haven't
any mention of him in either WW1 or Spanish-American War records .Also ,
any descendents of  his brother , John F. Sinclair and Mary Winkler are
reading this , drop me a note.
Mahalo- Kevin


            Re: Attn: Marilyn Siperek
            Tue, 27 Oct 1998 21:53:32 +0200
            "Kristin A. Hussein" <krisawni@internet-zahav.net>
I did browse the cursiter files. Very useful information and it's good
to know that it's out
there. I had never heard of them prior to your e-mail. Unfortunately,
not only your Robert, but several others also fit into the correct time
frame and I am not even 100% certain that my Robert was born in
Scotland. In addition, I didn't find one of those Roberts that was
registered has having been married to a Ward in the right time period.
(I did check out the Wards on that site as well) I don't know. I seem to

be running around in circles here - getting nowhere fast.

I have absolutely no information regarding siblings of my Robert. I have

extremely little information to go on period, to tell the truth. I only
know that he was in Ohio at some point, may or may not have been born
there (possibly Scotland) from 1850-60, that he married a Miss Ward and
that one of his children (my g grandfather) was named John Ward Sinclair

I - HE was definitely born in Ohio (1891). My Robert also apparently had

a daughter, but the only thing that I know about her was that she was
living in Colorado at the time of her brother's (John W. Sinclair I)
death in 1928 in Montana. She was living there with her mother - the
elusive Miss Ward - according to John Ward Sinclair I's obituary (which
unfortunately for me, did NOT give the names of the two women). Without
first names, trying to do searches is rather futile.

As for photographs, I have none of Robert. The only proof I have that he

existed in fact is that his name is on his son's (John W. Sinclair I)
death certificate, which I received from a relative about 6 months ago.
Prior to that, I didn't even know about him. This same relative did send

me several photos of my grandfather (John Ward Sinclair I's son, Robert
Sinclair's grandson) though - who was yet another John - John Ward
Sinclair II. The oldest one was taken in approx. 1926. He was about 5
years old then and was sitting next to his only brother - Rodney Noel
Sinclair - who died last year of a heart attack. It is his wife, Ruth,
who has been trying to help me out with all of this and was the one who
sent me the death certificate for JWS I, the photos, etc. She still
resides in Dillon, Montana and is 70 now.


            Re: John Arthur Sinclair
            Tue, 27 Oct 1998 15:53:43 -0500
            Margaret Rintoul/Neil Sinclair <rinsin@globalserve.net>

Sinclair, Lord of Keswick
My Dear Sir;
Your correspondent is in Toronto Canada and is a lawyer
researching and writing on Sinclair family history. Are you
aware of any publications on family histories between the
years 1650 and 1750, in particular pertaining to the clan
war between Campbell and Sinclair in 1680. There is scant
material on this side of the pond.
Our deepest appreciation;
Yours truly;
Neil Sinclair


          Fri, 30 Oct 1998 10:24:08 -0600
          Gerard Souliere <gsoulier@home.com>

Marie rose de lima sinclair married to edmond souliere
                  st-paul d'aylmer 30 may 1918

joseph sinclair  married  at ste-cunegone august 1,1889 to georgiana
Guillaume sinclair married at st-roch que.august 13 1850 to marguerite
Alexandre sinclair married at notre-dame que.jan.8 1822 to marguerite
Jacques sinclair married at de la villede dunkerque du nord en france to

elizabeth sainclair.

If someone has any information about these names I would to know.

Gerard souliere

          Fri, 30 Oct 1998 13:32:38 -0800
          "laurel" <laurel@spiritone.com>
 Thank you all for your contributions to the story of our William
trip with Bruce's heart.  This is what I found in the book, Robert The
Brucew, King of Scots" by Ronald McNair Scott".  pg. 227:
"Douglas had a casket made of silver and enamel and in it he placed the
heart of Robert Bruce and carried it always on a chain about his neck.
 Early in the spring of 1330, he set sail from Berwick in a ship fitted
in royal state so that all might know he was the bearer of the heart of
Robert, King of Scotland, and on his way to lay it in the Holy Sepulchre
Jerusalem.  He had on board six knights, linked in friendship,
landowners from the Stewart domains:  Sir William Sinclair of Roslyn,
Robert and Sir Walter Logan, Sir William Keith, Sir Alan Cathcart and
Seymour Loccard of Lee, and one other knight unnamed.  Twenty-six
and gentlemen were there to serve them.
    Their first port of call was Sluys in Flanders.  Here Doublas
12 days, entertaining liberally on gold and silver plate and letting it
known that any who wished to fight in the Holy Land were welcome to join

company.  He then sailed in rough seas around the coast of Spain and up
Guadalquiver River to drop anchor in the city of Seville.
    When Alfonso XI, King of Castile and Leon, heard that he had arrived
came to greet him and offer him hospitality, and many foreign and
English knights who had flocked to Spain to war against the Moors called
his lodgings to give him welcome, for his military prowess was
above all others throughout the camps of Europe.
    Douglas and his company rested for a while at Seville after the
hardships of their story voyage, but in March the Moorish King of
advanced against the city and the King of Castile and Leon marshalled
forces to meet him.  He asked Douglas to lead the vanguard and placed
his command all the foreign knights.  On 25 Mar., at Zebas de Ardales,
armies came face to face.
    Douglas gave the order to charge and both sides became locked in
But the Saracens employed a ruse with which Douglas was not acquainted.
Suddenly they turned their horses and fled, pursued by the Christians.
Douglas and ten of his followers had drawn far ahead of the vanguard
the Sar acens sharply checked and swung round to encircle them.  Douglas

turned too and might have escaped through the gap, but saw tha t Sir
Sinclair had been overtaken.  With the two knights who were beside
Robert and Sir Walter Logan--Douglas turned yet agains to rescue his
comrade.  In a moment they were surrounded by a multitude of Moors and,
fighting desperately, were all cut down.
    The rest of the vanguard w ere now approaching, and the Sasracens
more wheeled round their horses and galloped from the field, leaving the

four knights dead upon the ground.  The heart of Robert Bruce within its

casket was found still chained about the neck of Douglas and, according
the tradition of the Cathcart family, was taken up by Sir Alan Cathcart.

    The body of Douglas was brought to his cousin, Sir William Keith,
had been prevented from taking party in the battle by a broken arm.
having the body boiled so that the flesh parted from the bones, the
was buried in holy ground and bones placed on shipboard.  Then Sir
Keith, in command of the remaining Scotsmen, sailed for home, and when
had made landfall, the hea rt of Bruce was carried to the Abbey of
and interred with great reverence, and the bones of Douglas were buried
the Kirk of Douglas."  Again I copied this from Rober the Bruce by
McNair Scott.
The author gives references on the above.
Now this presents some more questions to me.
(1) One of you said that our William's brother John was one of the
knights.         NOTE: JOHN
The only one that could be is the "unnamed knight".  But author R. Scott

not find his name in the research that he did.  It is strange that the
brothers' names were not linked together as  the Logans were listed, if
indeed, John was the "unnamed" knight.  I checked Pete Cummings book on
Sinclairs but did not see that he listed the siblings of Sir William.
anyone have that info?
 (2)   It looks to me from the above story, that these knights stopped
Spain before any Moorish threat took place.  But since there were
from many foreign countries there, it was an ongoing seige of some
But this story doesn't come right out and say that King Alfonso's
was the reason they were there??? Were they there on Templar business.
money spent so freely in Flanders could have been Templar money.  And
Sluys Flanders?
 (3)   I have understood that one of the reasons that Robert's exploits
so famous and lauded is because he represented this little backward
with a tiny army that was able to defeat the great enemy of so many
countries who had not been too successful against England.  He gave them

and a vision for defeating their mutual enemy.  So it seems strange to
that we hear of English knights who were eager to honor Bruce.
    Many of the Templars, I understand, were honor-seeking, landless,
younger sons of the aristocracy.  Surely most of their fathers were
supporters of King Edward III.  Wonder what all the politics were
the lines there.  Or did they represent a generation of rebels or once
became a Templar you gave up your alegience to your country.  But
to the Bannockburn, newsletter of Bruces', Robert was not only a Templar

himself but also Soverign Grand Master of both the Military Order and
Masonic Guild."  Which brings up another question.  Was there already a
Masonic Guild in 1330 or have the Bannockburn editors jumped the gun?
answer is usually a mixture of all the above plus surprising things I
know yet.

 (4)   But one of my biggest questions is:  Why hadn't the Templars or
returning Crusaders discussed this tactic of the Saracens with the
Surely this is one of the stupidest events of history for  these knights
fall into the trap of the Saracens. I couldn't believe it when I read it

years ago.   I know the knights  had been trained with the "?" attitude.

(can't remember the term -like Kamakazes )  but that tactic never worked
any time during any of the Crusades why would it work now.  STUPID!!
    I can't see how we can make heroes out of these men who lost sight
their main goal of the trip to go off chasing the Moors in this
manner.  I suppose there might be another side to this but it just seems
sad that Men's vain sense of HONOR can destroy so much.  We see this in
Road Rage of today.  This sense of honor that must not be trampled but

Boy, did I get worked up on that one.  Sorry.

          Re: Another John Sinclair
          Mon, 2 Nov 1998 15:18:07 -0700
          "Matheson" <zoo@uswest.net>

Looking for information regarding John D. Sinclair, born 1844 in Chatham
or Moore County, North Carolina. Served in NC Troops (Infantry) during
Civil War.  Married Jennett (?) about 1866 and had daughters Edda Lorena
and Catherine L.  Not found after 1870.  Please contact me if you have
any information.


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