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Mystery Sinclair Lady

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Hello everyone,
My father, Gerald (Jerry) Greer Sinclair, currently living in Spring Hill,
Florida, has been intrigued with my stories of the Sinclair discussion list.
Since he does not have access to a computer, he asked me to post this
message for him, which I am composing from notes I jotted down during our
discussion the other night.

My father has been very curious about a "Sinclair lady" he had a chance
meeting with in 1954....and never saw again.  Hopefully someone on the
Sinclair mailing list can shed some light on his mystery.

Dad/Jerry was a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force, in Limestone,
Maine, in the early 1950's.  In 1954, shortly after I was born, he was
stationed at Manston RAF in Manston, Kent, England.  One day there was a
visiting USO troupe at the USO hall.  That afternoon, a Corporal (who ran
the Rediffusion Station) call my father over and introduced him to a woman
from the troupe who was a Sinclair.  Unfortunately, my father does not
remember her first name (not unusual for Dad!!).  However, he said they both
said they had "incredible goosebumps" upon seeing either other, felt like
they were long lost family, and that she could have easily passed for his
sister.  He remembers that her 'family' came across the Northwest Divide and
ultimately ended up in NY state.  Unfortunately, during their discussion
that afternoon, she was called away and he never saw her again.

Might you know this woman?
One additional clue is that they would probably be fairly close in age.  Dad
was 69 in June.

Through the years, I've heard him repeatedly tell this story.  It's always
been a real mystery for him that he would LOVE to solve.  If you think you
might know this woman and/or how to get in contact with her, please let me
know.  If you would like, you can email me directly at
"dsinclair@comversens.com".  Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!
--Deb Sinclair

Deb Sinclair
Comverse Network Systems
300 Federal St., Andover, MA 01810

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