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Papl Mandate 1329

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Hi Laurel
Here is some more info for you cannot remember what I have already sent.
The moors when they saw the Scots scattered from each other in the chase,
suddenly turned back and surrounded Sir William St.Clair. Douglas with Sir
Robert Logan and Sir Walter logan galloped to the rescue, but finding the
enemy pressing round in increasing numbers and with no chance of escape,
Douglas took Bruces heart from his neck, round which encased in a silver
casket and chain which he wore he threw it toward the enemy saying " pass
first in fight as thou won't, Douglas will follow thee or die " He then
dashed forward cutting his way through the enemy, but the odds were to
great and he and two Logan Knights, Sir William St.Clair and his brother
John were slain. Douglas body was found lying over Bruces heart. His
followers brought it back to Scotland to which they sorrowfully returned.
The King's heart was buried in Melrose Abbey.
Now in 1996 a silver casket was found during excavation in Melrose Abbey
believed to contain Bruces heart. I see you found the same story,
interesting stuff if you ask me.
Mark :-)
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