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Re: Attn: Cathy Fulton Re: Ohio Sinclairs

Re: Ohio Death Certificate in 1977
Wow!  That's really terrible luck, that the death certificate can't be located.  You can contact the funeral home (if you know who they are--obit might mention) and check their records.  You can try "delayed birth certificates" filed in the area where he lived.  These are certificates given to people who needed Soc Sec Numbers or etc., but didn't have birth certificates or records issued at that time and place they were born.  These delayed birth certificates might be located within the county, possibly on a state level.  Check both.  Vital Records or Health Dept.
Karen M
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I have tried census reports, I am not positive, but we think he was born in
St.Louis, he drew social security, but there is no record. I was told by a
family member that he had a very hard time with social security when he
retired because they had incorrect info on his birth certificate. So, if they
didnt get that staightened out then that is why I am having trouble. So far
they have not found his death certificate either. I know for a fact he died in
Ohio in 1977, but they cant find it in public death records.
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