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Re: Johns

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I have a lost James, would love to find him.  He was married to Barbara Groat
on Jan 2, 1816.  His descendents ended up in Western NY, New Jersey, Racine
Wisc, Aberdeen, Portland Oregon; Liverpool; Patrick, NB; Glasgow; Vancover
British Coumbia.  I have a big photo album I was given yesterday with many
unidentified pictures from the mid 1800's (tin types)- to turn of the century
pictures from studios in the above places.   Also many postcards but I can't
put the pieces together.  HELP!  Will share copies of any pictures and
postcards we may later identify.   My line is as follows:
                          Me: Marilyn Siperek
                          Mother: Marlene Nelson
                           Maternal GM: Mildred Sinclair Nelson
                            Her father: ALEXANDER Sinclair (born 1872),
youngest of 8 siblings born from 1862- 1872 in Oyce,  St. Margaret's Hope
South Ronaldsay Orkney( siblings: William Sinclair, Catherine Allan Sinclair,
Mary Allan Sinclair, Samuel Robertson Sinclair, Margaret Sinclair, Robert and
John) parents: ROBERT SINCLAIR (Born 1832) and Mary Sutherland Allan (born
1833 on Isle of Swona).  
           ROBERT SINCLAIR was one of eight brothers: ALEXANDER, MALCOLM,
JOHN, JAMES, GEORGE (former postmaster St. Margaret's Hope), William and
        Thank-you                       Marilyn, Western NY   
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