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Sinclair Symposium

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In response to many requests, we have prepared a 
booklet titled "Sinclair Symposium Narratives."  It 
\reports on seven of the sessions conducted at the 
NH Highland Games and the Westford Clan 
Gathering on the 600th Anniversary Celebration of 
Prince Henry Sinclair's voyage to America.  

Its contents follows that of the Symposium,namely,
   A Medieval Knight for Today's World, Prince Henry
   Ancient Sinclair History
   Templar History
   Rosslyn, its castle and its Chapel
   Westford Knight
   Newport Tower
   Educating Our Youth

The booklet is 69 pages long, bound in a soft cover.  
The price of $22 covers shipping & handling.  To order, 
send your check to Prince Henry Project, 65 Hartwell 
Street, West Boylston, MA, 01583.  

This notice was posted by Pete Cummings, General Chair
of the Clan Gathering.
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