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Re: Dunoon Sinclair's

Hi all,
I just had a thought.  If anybody needs help with addresses or has questions about the Clyde River bank area I am pretty familiar with it had could help.  I've spent alot of time in Argyll and am familiar with the local history and what I don't know I learning as fast as I can.
Duncan is a big Sinclair name is Argyllshire.  I have a few.  I'll let you know Karen if I come across any that might be interesting for you.  It is in my family line out of Inveraray and Glenorchy.
As a "heads up" to anyone - the Kilchrenan & Dalavich parish line and the Glenorchy & Inishail line changed a few times.  If you are looking around Loch Awe - keep it in mind.
Happy Hunting
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Hi Juli -
Re: Sinclairs in Dunoon & Kilmun parish, Neil Sinclair (Canada) has ancestors who emigrated from Glendaruel in Argyll County to PEI.  I've been poking around, trying to connect my Duncan Sinclair (b. 1781-2 in Scotland).  A high proportion of those Scots living in North Carolina came from Argyll County.  I've noticed that many, many Sinclairs from Glenorchy & Inishail parish moved south to Dunoon & Kilmun parish.  Dunoon is just across from the port of Greenock, and it appears that many in that area made their living on/from the sea.  I personally have only looked at records pre-1800.