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Re: Louisville Sinclairs

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I am also looking for Sinclairs from the Louisville Area, My Mother Elizabeth
Mae Sinclair was born June 17,1914 to Ellie and Daniel Sinclair. The story
being that when my mother was four, Daniel died in the flu epidemic amd Ellie
died 10 days later of a broken heart. Ellie was pregnant with a baby boy when
she died. Someone has been asking about a boy born in 1918, I wonder if the
baby boy could have survived, but my mother was never told. They both would
have died in 1918 if my mother was four yrs. old. Could there be a connection?
My mother wass raised by relatives, but also graduated from Kentucky school
for Orphans or Kentucky Orphans school. Could you please tell me what you know
about your louisville Sinclairs.? I'm not concerned with going back to clans
etc. I just at this point want to know about my grandparents and now I
question  who the boy born in 1918 belonged to. ?
Thank you
Della Gooler Izzo
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